Who Is Ron Brierley Wife? Net Worth – Why Was He Arrested?

Who Is Ron Brierley Wife? Net Worth – Why Was He Arrested?

Who is Ron Brierley wife? His estimated net worth will shock you.

Former corporate raider Ron is a recognized investor. He is the chairman and director of multiple companies in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Moreover, he is known as the founder of R. A. Brierley Investments. In 1995, he even served as the President of New Zealand Cricket.

Who Is Ron Brierley Wife? Relationship Explored

Ron Brierley doesn’t have a wife. Interestingly, he never married his entire life.

Born on August 2, 1937, he is already 84 years old. Despite being in the eighties, he never fell in love.

Multiple reports claim that Ron never had a girlfriend. Also, there’s nothing to know about his children. Most probably, he never had a son or daughter.

Indeed, people have been trying to find out why he remained single all his life. But, the answer to this question is still unanswered. 

Hopefully, Ron will speak everything on this matter very soon. For now, we must respect his privacy.

Furthermore, he never revealed his parents or siblings. Nevertheless, we can confirm that he was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand.

The only thing we know about his personal life is that he was from a middle-class family. According to Wikipedia, he is a graduate of Island Bay School and Wellington College.

During his college days, he remained a member of the New Stamp Dealers Federation. Since then, he grew an interest in businesses.

Well, his first job was selling stamps to the college staff and students. Even today, he is the largest buyer and seller of stamps.

Learn About Ron Brierley Net Worth

According to RNZ, Ron Brierley’s net worth is $220 million. Reportedly, he has retired from the business world.

Nevertheless, his assets are growing every day. Well, we aren’t sure about his exact assets but we can confirm that he has lived a luxurious life so far.

Our next update will surely feature Brierley’s earnings and income over the years. Right now, we are unsure about his house/residence too.

Why Was Brierley Arrested? Everything To Know

Ron Brierley was arrested for possessing images of child sex abuse. Well, he has rescinded his 1988 knighthood.

According to The Guardian, he had admitted to having an obsession with young girls. Reportedly, he was arrested in 2019 in Sydney.

Moreover, he has pleaded guilty to three counts of child abuse material possession. Most of the images were found in airport luggage and at his home.

Furthermore, he had masturbated watching the pre-pubescent girls suffer. Now, he will have to face 14 months in jail for child pornography.