Who is Philip Polkinghorne NZ? Pauline Hanna Husband and Death News

Who is Philip Polkinghorne NZ? Pauline Hanna Husband and Death News

Philip Polkinghorne is an eye surgeon and the husband of Pauline Hanna, who passed away mysteriously. Here is the detail on the incident.

The news of Pauline Hanna is all over the media as it was a suspicious death. Her husband could be the suspect as his involvement with an escort is noted.

Escort, Madison Ashton is helping the investigators find out or solve the mysterious death of Pauline. Her allegations are directed towards Polkinghorne.

Who is Philip Polkinghorne NZ?

Philip Polkinghorne is an ophthalmologist. He was the board member of Auckland Eye. After the death of his wife, he was on a long bereaved vacation.

Philip’s work was under review by his colleagues after the news of his wife’s death came out. The death of his wife was, however, unexplainable.

Auckland Eye said in May, which was released by The New Zealand Herald, “concerned as the traces of methamphetamine were found by police during the investigation,”

Polkinghorne also resigned from the board, as confirmed by Auckland Eye. The CEO of Auckland Eye said that they were reviewing Polkinghorne’s clinical practice.

Polkinghorne said that his wife was a notable woman. He added their relationship was not good, it was not working work, but it was perfect. 

But the investigator reached out to Pauline’s friends, barbers, and masseurs. They found out that Pauline contacted private detective three weeks before her death.

On April 12, a week after Pauline’s death, she received an email from the detective. The escort, Madison Ashton claimed she was in a relationship with Polkinghorne for three years.

She said Polkinghorne wanted to leave Pauline and start a life with Ashton a couple of years ago. Ashton released the email by Polkinghorne on social media.

Pauline Hanna Husband and Death News

Detective investigated for 11 days at Pauline’s house. Aaron Pasco was the investigator from the Auckland Criminal Investigation Bureau in charge of Pauline’s case.

Police did not comment anything on her death. Ashton and Polkinghorne met in 2011 in Sydney. Ashton is extending her help to the investigator.

Learn what happed to Pauline Hanna

Pauline Hanna was married to Philip Polkinghorne for 30 years. The couple was staying in a home worth $4 million in Remuela. 

The dead body was found in the house. She was 63 years old at the time of her death on Easter Monday, April. For a long time, her death mystery was not solved.

Her funeral was done in Parnell. Hanna was a senior health executive who served 20 years at the County Manukau District Health Commission.

She was involved as an emergency response team during Covid 19 outbreak. As per family and friends, she was an elegant and generous woman.