Who Is Philip Green Daughter Boyfriend? Chloe Green Net Worth and Instagram

Who Is Philip Green Daughter Boyfriend? Chloe Green Net Worth and Instagram

Philip Green’s daughter Chloe Green boyfriend is Manuele Thiella. We have more on the couple.

In this article, we prepared more information on Chloe Green and her dating life.

Chloe Green has been dating Manuele Thiella since 2019. She broke up with Jeremy Meeks for some unstated reasons. However, she respects the father to her only child.

The 30 years old model, fashion designer, and actress were also previously attached with boyfriend Ollie Locke for nearly 2 years.

Who Is Philip Green Daughter Boyfriend? 

Philip Green daughter Chloe Green is currently happily dating Manuele Thiella.

Chloe has been seeing Thiella since 2019, which also marks her divorce from her partner Jeremy Meeks. Jeremy Meeks was famous as the ‘hot felon’ as his first mugshot from reported crime went viral, and ladies felt head first for the young man. 

Chloe’s new boyfriend, Manuele Thiella is an Italy-based yacht broker.

Before the two men were in her life, Chloe reportedly dated Ollie Locke between 2011-2012.

The short period was also the memorable stage of her life, as she stated in an interview.

Whether Manuele was present during her dating life with Jeremy and the possible affair that led to the divorce is yet to be understood and for now open to speculation, but the new man seems to be her solid long-term partner, as seen by her happiness level.

Chloe Green Net Worth 

Chloe Green’s updated net worth as of 2021 is $120 million.

She is the heiress to her business tycoon father, Sir Philip Green, who possesses a massive net worth of $2.6 billion dollars.

Chloe Green is known for her modeling career, professional television appearances, social media hosting, and organization, and she was famous for her role in Panaroma TV Series(documentary featuring her in 2016).

Being a successful model plus actress and successive heir to the retail wealth, her net worth and values have increased over the years.

Find Chloe Green On Instagram

Chloe Green’s official Instagram handle under the nametag of ‘chloegreen5’ is currently deactivated, but it used to host all her updates and activities and pictures and posts regarding her latest family trips.

Usually, the star travel in a luxury yacht, and pictures of her Yacht broker partner also first leaked through a photo clicked by paparazzi when the couple was basking in their yacht.