Who Is nanajoe19? Alejandra Tapia Tiktok – Find the Chef on Instagram

Who Is nanajoe19? Alejandra Tapia Tiktok – Find the Chef on Instagram

Nanajoe19 is the TikTok star who is famous for her food content. Meet the trending chef here. 

The short content videos Nanajoe19 made are mainly popular among food lovers. Being the Foodie herself, she comes up with different unique ways of making her food better. 

Moreover, posting her impressive technique on social media has made her outshines among other users. 

Also, her getting the opportunity to cook at the home of well-known singer Lizzo has made her gain more attention. 

Alejandra Tapia – Who Is nanajoe19? 

Alejandra Tapia goes by the social media name nanajoe19. She grew up in Visalia but was originally from Mexico. 

As a cooking enthusiast, she has always dreamed of making her food more reachable among people. 

It was not always easy for her to be successful in achieving her passion. Being an immigrant, Tapia had to face a lot of hardships in her journey. 

She had always wanted to be a successful chef but was always said to have a little hope and dream very little in her childhood.
Growing up strong, she did not give up and has been successful in achieving her career goal. 

Alejandra now likes to motivate the youth by telling them there is hope in their dream. 

She planned to teach her culinary skills, working with schools and organizations in the upcoming future. Additionally, Tapai is thinking about opening her food truck. 

Look Into Explore Alejandra Tapia Tiktok 

Alejandra is famous in her TikTok with the user handle @nanajoe19. Despite not getting verified, she still has 4.1 million followers on her account with 102.7 million likes. 

It has only been a year, and Tapia captivated millions of people with her culinary skills. She had a breakthrough on social media when she posted a lunch video for her husband. 

Alejandra became a catch on the internet when she cooked for the singer Lizzo, a vegan. The situation was challenging for her. 

After spending three days perfecting her recipes in the kitchen, Lizzo successfully created her viral vegan recipes.  

Alejandra Tapia – Find The Chef On Instagram 

As trendy as she is in TikTok, Tapia also has many fan followers on her Instagram account. She goes by the same user handle name @nanajoe19 in her Insta. 

Alejandra has 84k followers till now, which keeps on increasing every time. Being a food lover, most of her posts on Insta is about her cooking. 

Checking out her other posts, Tapia has uploaded her pictures enjoying her time with friends, her husband, and her child. 

Furthermore, with all the delicious lunch videos she has posted on her social media, it is no doubt that she will get more recognized in the future as a chef.