Who Is Michael Lang Wife Tamara Lang And Ex Ann Lang? Woodstock Founder Family And Net Worth At Death

Who Is Michael Lang Wife Tamara Lang And Ex Ann Lang? Woodstock Founder Family And Net Worth At Death

Michael Lang passed away at the age of 77; he had married twice and was with his second wife Tamara Lang at the time of his death.

Michel Lang’s first wife has disappeared from the media, so it’s unclear where she is now, but his second wife Tamara and his five children were present when he died.

The news of his passing has saddened everyone of his family, friends, and fans, who have taken to Twitter to express their grief. Social media has been filled with his condolence message.

Who Is Michael Lang Wife Tamara Lang And Ex-Wife Ann Lang?

Michael Lang was previously married to Ann Lang, a singer who traveled as a backup singer with Joe Cocker and Leon Russell from 1978 to 1982.

There is very little information in the media concerning Ann, and it’s unclear where she is now.

Lang’s wife is now Tamara Lang. The couple has five children together: Shala, Lariann, Molly, Harry, and Laszlo.

He died at the hospital in front of his family, and he was bereaved by his wife, Tamara.

Mrs. Lang is a very private lady who does not appear in the media very often.

Woodstock founder Michael Lang Family 

Michael Lang was born into a Jewish household in Brooklyn. On the other hand, his parent’s identity has yet to be revealed.

In the media, he hasn’t said much about his family. As a result, there is hardly any information available in public concerning his personal life.

Even though little is known about his parents, he was the responsible father of five children and grandfather of one.

How Much Was Michael Lang Net Worth At The Time Of His Death?

According to the sources, Michael Lang’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million.

He is most known for co-founding the Woodstock music event.

He died at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City at the age of 77 from a rare type non-Lymphoma Hodgkin’s (NHL).

As he is survived by his wife Tamara, she will likely receive most of the legacy.

Michael Lang Instagram

Michael Lang does not appear to have a social media account, or if he does, it has been deactivated by a family member following his death.

Other Instagram accounts with his name exist, but his actual I.D. is still unknown.

He had to use social media because he was a well-known star, or he could be someone who believes that using social media is a waste of time.