Who Is Matthew Scafidi Jellis Craig? Racist Remarks Amid Controversy

Who Is Matthew Scafidi Jellis Craig? Racist Remarks Amid Controversy

Matthew Scafidi, an industrious Director at Jellis Craig Whitehorse is remarked as racist. What happened though? 

Melbourne-based Matthew Scafidi is a popular and successful real estate agent and a Director at Jellis Craig Whitehorse. As per his LinkedIn profile, Matthew has been serving at Jellis Craig since April 2019 till present. 

Also, Scafidi earlier worked in the same position as he is at JC. He nearly worked around six years at Noel Jones Real Estate. His LinkedIn page reveals that he attended Beacon Hills Christina College. 

Nevertheless, after working for decades in this field, he has experienced and specialized in Sales and Property Management of homes across the City of Whitehorse and surrounding areas.

Stay with us for further insights. For instance, Matthew’s private life and recent controversies.

Who Is Matthew Scafidi Jellis Craig?

Matthew is an employee at the reputed company Jellis Craig in the Greater Melbourne area. He worked as a Director including an award-winning Real Estate Agent. 

The active personality Matthew is a persevering person. Very little is disclosed regarding his private life at the moment. Unlike other celebrities, Matthew is a private kind of person and prefers to stay low-key in the media.

Reportedly, when it comes to sharing his private details, he is shy and reserved. However, he has deep knowledge of property and is a resilient person.

Matthew Scafidi Amid Racist Controversy On Reddit

As per recent controversy, there is racism in the real state. The theory is made by one of the users on Reddit. However, the post has been deleted now.

Matthew and other real estate agents’ names have been divulged. They are; David McCulloch and Stephen Mcculloch. It is not clear if he is racist or not, but he is a good person in and out for sure.

You can watch a short bio of Matthew Scafidi on YouTube as well. We can see he is humble and worked really hard for the clients and customers.

Matthew Scafidi Has A Supportive Wife And A Daughter

Matthew is a family man. His wife is also from the same field and has been his biggest supporter then and now.

Discussing his family background, Matthew Scafidi’s parent’s details are concealed at this time. Indeed, his mom and dad worked hard for a better future. 

Moving on to his yearly income, Matthew’s actual net worth is not accessible now. His salary earning might be at least six figures from his career.