Who Is Lt Mack Miller Nevada? Police Assaulted and Dragged a Republican

Who Is Lt Mack Miller Nevada? Police Assaulted and Dragged a Republican

Mack Miller, a Republican candidate for the Lt Gov. of Nevada was assaulted and dragged by the police. Get to know further details about him. 

A Republican candidate for the Lt. Gov of Nevada was assaulted during the Clark County Commission meeting on Tuesday. The situation got heated when the commission voted 5-2 to declare covid misinformation a public health crisis. 

Likewise, a video of Mack Miller being forced away by the police is surfacing on the internet. The Army veteran seems absolutely furious in the video and understandably so. 

Further details and updates are awaited. 

Who is Lt. Mack Miller from Nevada?

Mack Miller is an Army veteran who is running for the Lt. Governor of Nevada. 

The republican is one of the favorites to assume office in the upcoming elections. Moreover, he is also the founder of the Clark County Bar Associations Trial by Peers Program. 

Following his service as an army, he decided to work for the well-being of people in his state. The politician is known for philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and being a part of the civil rights community. 

Further facts about him and his campaign can be found on his campaign website. Originally from Las Vegas, he comes from African American ethnic group. 

Mack Miller Dragged and Assaulted: What happened?

Lt. Mack Miller was dragged out of the Clark County Commission meeting on Tuesday. 

The video clearly shows the army veteran being assaulted by the police. As per inside sources, Miller allegedly there chairs at other representatives after the commission made their decision. 

The Clark County Commission voted 5-2 to declare the covid-19 misinformation as a public health crisis in the state. 

The former soldier reportedly lost his cool during the meeting. The incident may backfire on his campaign with elections on the horizon. 

Mack Miller Wikipedia and Family: Get to know his wife and children

Mack Miller doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. 

Likewise, the Republican candidate doesn’t share much about his personal life. His family often makes appearances on his campaign programs. 

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Mack Miller has a motive to serve his hometown where he has spent almost the entirety of his life. The Army veteran does know what it means to serve the country.