Who Is Lisa Wilson? Zach Wilson Mom and Parents – Dad Mike Wilson

Who Is Lisa Wilson? Zach Wilson Mom and Parents – Dad Mike Wilson

Zach Wilson, the New York Jets rookie quarterback, is Lisa Wilson’s mother. Here are some facts about the player and his family.

Zach Wilson is a new player drafted in New York Jets. He has been awarded Rookie of the week for two weeks straight now. 

As fans and viewers know, being in the New York Jets means you will be facing scrutiny any time of the moment. The new player, who began his professional career only a few months ago, has had a difficult start. Zach’s mom has been the next target set by the angry fans. 

Who is Lisa Wilson? – Why is She Receiving Hateful Comments?

Lisa Wilson is the mother of Zach Wilson. She can be seen cheering for her son from the stadium.

Mama Wilson has been very supportive of his career since the beginning. 

She constantly shares support towards all her kids and keeps neat portraits of her and her children on social media platforms.

Zach Wilson recently came on fire for his game on October 10, 2021. After losing to Atlanta Falcons, mets fans have been taking their anger on the young player. Nasty comments towards him were flying a few weeks ago, even though they won the game. 

Losing the last game has made fans even angrier. Recognizing mistakes Wilson and the team’s coach has vowed Wilson’s gameplay will be top-notch in the next round. Speaking to nypost.com, Robert Saleh, head coach of jets, said the young Rookie would work on it every day.

Robert has faith Wilson can do better with practice and some more technical skills. 

Going back to this October 10’s game, fans won’t let Zach live in peace for the next round. Fans have targeted his mother as the new lamb for their anger. They have been throwing comments on her for unrelated topics. 

 What Does Zach Wilson’s Dad do For a Living?

Zach Wilson’s father is Mike Wilson, originally from Utah. Aside from being a devoted father to the young player, little is known about him.

Along with his wife, he can be seen cheering for his son. There have been no hate comments regarding Zach Wilson’s dad like it has been for his mom. 

Like Lisa, Zach’s dad keeps an updated profile of his son’s accomplishments on Twitter

Meet Zach Wilson Family

Zach Wilson has a big extended family. He grew up with his siblings, but there is no information about his siblings. But according to one picture posted on his Instagram with 298k followers, he shared the picture of his extended family. 

Zach Wilson has a longtime girlfriend, Abbey Gile. She is always supportive and praising her boyfriend and giving the much-needed lift to his spirits for the next game.