Who Is Lee McLeod? Everything About Bobbi Anne McLeod Brother

Who Is Lee McLeod? Everything About Bobbi Anne McLeod Brother

Lee McLeod is a grieve stricken brother whose sister Bobbi Anne McLeod was found dead near Bovisand in South Hams.

Lee McLeod is a brother of young Bobbi Anne who went missing from her hometown and was recently found dead, around seven miles away from her home. 

The authorities are investigating the alleged murder of 18-year-old Bobbi-Anne McLeod in Devon.

They are examining whether she was abducted by a stranger after waiting at a bus stop.

Who Is Lee McLeod? 

Lee McLeod is the brother of the teen girl, Bobbi Anne McLeod who was murdered in Bovisand recently. 

Bobbi went missing after leaving her home in Plymouth at about 6 pm on Saturday to go meet her friends in the city center.

There was a three-day search for her when a body believed to be hers was discovered on Tuesday near Bovisand, about six miles from Plymouth.

Two men around the age of 24 and 26, who were arrested on suspicion of murder, and are still held by police in Plymouth.

The authorities have blocked off a road leading to Bovisand cafe and car park, about half an hour from Plymouth, South Devon. 

They brought a sniffer dog in to search the area around the bus stop where Bobbi was last seen as she waited for a bus to go and meet friends.

Bobbi Anne McLeod Brother Lee McLeod

The desperate brother of Bobbi, Lee McLeod paid tributes, describing her as “beautiful and talented” on Wednesday.

He believed someone has snatched her. Bobbi’s headphones and a pouch of tobacco have been found at a bus stop and her mobile phone has been handed in.

It is said that she was due to meet her boyfriend but she never showed up. She’s been with her boyfriend a long time, about six months now.

The 34-year-old next-door neighbor the teen is not one to just disappear and it’s very odd.

She’s a very nice girl who is family orientated, she has a boyfriend and he’s so nice and has a few friends. She’s just a lovely girl and this is so out of character for her, added by the neighbor.

Lee McLeod Tribute Through Facebook Photos: Explore His Age

Lee McLeod, paid tribute to her in an emotional Facebook post in which he wrote, Until we meet again sis. I love you.

He further wrote You didn’t deserve this, such a beautiful and talented girl, and to have you as my little sister.

The adventure and journey we had been on will always be treasured, Now go rest easy, he added.

Lee McLeod was just 20 years old when he lost his 18 years old sister. He will cherish and reminisce the time he had with her sister.