Who Is Korie Robertson? Willie Robertson Wife- Is He Mallard on The Masked Singer?

Who Is Korie Robertson? Willie Robertson Wife- Is He Mallard on The Masked Singer?

Korie Robertson is the wife of American TV personality Willie Robertson. Here are some more details on her.

Korie Robertson, full name Korie Howard Robertson is a reality TV star on the A&E show Duck Dynasty. Her husband, Willie is being taken as a Mallard on the masked singer; thus, making him trending on social media. 

Who Is Korie Robertson?

Korie Robertson is also a TV personality like her husband Willie Robertson. She was born on October 24, 1973. She has an impressive family background. 

She is the daughter of John and Chrys Howard. Her grandfather, Alton Hardy Howard, was a businessperson, and her great-uncle, Jack Howard was a mayor of Monroe. In addition, another great-uncle V.E. Howard served as the Church of Christ minister.

Her father-in-law is Phil Robertson, founder of the Duck Commander. Many members of the Robertson family starred in the TV show Duck Dynasty, which ultimately portrays the lives of the family. 

The series ran from 2012 to 2017. The fourth-season premiere hit massive views of 11.8 million and became the most-watched nonfiction cable series in history. 

According to her Wikipedia, she studied at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. In 2014, she was also announced as Outstanding Young Alumni by the university along with her husband. 

Who Is Willie Robertson Wife?

Willie Robertson’s wife is Korie Robertson. The couple has six children together named John Luke, Sadie, Will, Bella, Rowdy, and Rebecca.

Willie is an American businessperson, author, TV star, and news contributor. He is also the current CEO of Duck Dynasty. 

Though there are no details about his love life with his wife and how their relationship started, we can assume that they probably were sweethearts since their college days. 

Some sources say that the couple met at a summer camp when they were in fourth grade and third grade, respectively. They got married after graduating from high school. 

Netizens Think Willie Robertson Is Mallard On The Masked Singer

People on the internet are guessing that the character Mallard from the Masked Singer is Willie Robertson. The character Mallard itself is called the wild duck.

In addition, the clue to the character was a photo of an old-style rotary phone. If one combines the two elements, then it becomes a duck call.

He also boasted about his best-selling book and platinum record album. Robertson can brag about both: he wrote “The Duck Commander Family,” a New York Times chart-topper.

And his album, “Duck the Halls,” sold over a million copies, earning him the Recording Industry Association of America’s coveted platinum certification (RIAA).

Thus, all of the clues he gave away make cyberians undoubtful in thinking that he is the Mallard.