Who Is Jim Lamon? Everything To Know About The Senate Candidate For Arizona

Who Is Jim Lamon? Everything To Know About The Senate Candidate For Arizona

An AZ Senate candidate, Jim Lamon, does not have a Wikipedia profile yet. 

Jim Lamon has been a topic of interest since his announcement of racing for Arizona GOP senate candidate for the Republican primary scheduled on August 2, 2022.

In a campaign ad aired on Monday, he used the anti-Biden tagline “Let’s go, Brandon, who has become headlines in the news. The Hill reported that the commercial would be broadcast tonight during the College Football Playoff championship game. 

AZ Senate Candidate, Jim Lamon, Does Not Have A Wikipedia Profile- Who Is He?

Jim Lamon, who is running for U.S. Senate candidate election representing AZ, is unavailable on Wikipedia. He is a retired founder and chairman of DEPCOM Power and a veteran. 

During the Cold War, he served six years as an Army Airborne Officer, three in Germany. He witnessed the big difference between American freedom and Communist oppression. 

In 2013, he founded DEPCOm power and started working there as a CEO. He has always favored employing veterans. As a result, 20% of his company’s staff had served in the U.S. military. 

His company was also a pioneer in following a “Made in America” philosophy, with seventy percent (70%) of corporate revenues remaining in the United States. They spent more than $3 billion on American steel, electrical cable, and construction employees in their first eight years of operation.

He explains himself to be on the Fortune 500 executive list with 25 years of management expertise in his LinkedIn profile. He knew +2GW of fossil fuel (coal and natural gas) fuelled turnkey power plants and +4GW of solar turnkey power plants in the backdrop.

In addition, he describes himself as a philanthropist, warrior, and patriot trying to use clean, efficient utility-scale solar to help America achieve energy independence.

Jim Lamon Claim To Fund Campaign From His Pocket- What Is His Net Worth?

Jim Lamon’s net worth became a topic of curiosity after he claimed to fund the campaign from his pocket. The wealthy Republican business tycoon running for the United States Senate in Arizona pledged $50 million in campaign funds.

It is an amount that dwarfs previous self-funding candidates in the state and is among the substantial personal expenditures on record in a non-presidential campaign. He projected that the campaign would cost $100 million, half of which he would personally pay.

However, he has not released the actual figure of his wealth to date. 

Learn More About Jim Lamon Wife & Family

Jim Lamon has not released any information about his wife and family yet. Moreover, his family member has also not appeared on the media.