Who Is H-J Colston? John Inge Bishop Wife -Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

Who Is H-J Colston? John Inge Bishop Wife -Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

John Inge and his wife H-J Colston recently received a hilarious letter from the Royal Mail. What is her net worth? 

Colston is a cultural trainer and China specialist who has worked endlessly to build China literacy in the UK. She supports organizations that engage with China. She founded Welfare for Healthcare, ingenuity to support the community during the COVID times. 

H-J is the wife of Bishop of Worcester, John Inge. The Royal mail recently delivered a letter addressed to John and his Colston. It did not include any address, but the postman did manage to deliver it to the right address. 

Who Is H-J Colston? Meet John Inge Bishop Wife 

John Inge and his wife, H-J Colston, got married in January 2018. The couple lives in Worcester, England, United Kingdom. 

In a recent hilarious incident, Royal Mail delivered a letter addressed to The Lord Bishop and his sexy wife. He was surprised to see it but took it as a joke and posted the amusing incident on Twitter, reports The NZ Herald.

Colston is the director of Engage with China, an educational charity that makes China literary in schools. She also works as a Joint CEO of the Chopsticks Club. Colston founded Welfare for Healthcare in March 2020.

H-J’s age might be in the late 40s. She has not revealed her exact date of birth and age to the media. Her full name is Helen Jane Colston. One can read more about her career and bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Colston completed her schooling at Queenswood. She graduated with a BA Hons in Mandarin and German from Durham University

H-J Colston Family Details Revealed

H-J Colston grew up in England with her family.

Colston is the stepmother to John’s two children, Olivia and Eleanor

She is now working as the director of Engage with China, founder of Welfare for Healthcare, and Joint CEO of Chopsticks Club. 

H-J is active on Twitter under the username @HJ_Colston.

What Is H-J Colston Net Worth in 2022?

H-J Colston’s net worth might be hefty as she is quite successful. 

She is a former member of the China Advisors Network and the former director of L2 Language & Cultural Services Ltd. Colston worked with Great Britan China Center as the Executive Committee Member. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, H-J started her career as a Marketing Executive for Chubb China in January 1995. She later transferred to the Lloyd’s of London as the Direct Marketing Executive and stayed with the company till 2004.