Who Is Dylan Rockne Flanagan? When Did The Man Go Missing?

Who Is Dylan Rockne Flanagan? When Did The Man Go Missing?

Who is Dylan Rockne Flanagan? Here’s everything to know about the man who has gone missing.

Dylan had met a friend in Clear Lake on October 10, 2021. He went for a solo paddle but never returned.

Well, his friends and family are extremely worried. As of now, a research team is trying to find Dylan and requests everyone to report to the police if they find any trace of him.

Who Is Dylan Rockne Flanagan? Everything To Know

Dylan Rockne Flanagan is a man from Irvine, California. He has been reported missing for the past couple of days.

Reportedly, he stands at the height of 6 feet and 1 inch tall. Moreover, his weight has been described as 170 to 190 pounds.

Moving on, Dylan has brown hair and brown eyes. Furthermore, he has a distinctive brown mustache and beard.

Multiple reports claim that he was wearing a navy Hawaiian shirt the last time someone saw him. Also, he was equipped with a straw hat, black sunglasses, and tie-dye boardshorts.

Everyone is curious to know where he might have gone. According to one of Dylan’s relatives, he is not the kind of guy who would disappear like that without informing anybody.

Well, Dylan’s current age is 28 years old. Indeed, he is an adult who can take care of himself in any situation.

However, he hadn’t gone missing for so long. So, everybody including his parents, siblings, and friends are quite worried about him.

Hopefully, Dylan returns home safe. Also, we pray that he isn’t facing any kind of trouble.

Speaking about his professional life, he is a former researcher at Ettenberg’s Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory. 

When Did Dylan Rockne Flanagan Went Missing?

Dylan Rockne Flanagan went missing on October 10, 2021, at around 5 PM. The last person who saw him was Aimee Flanagan.

After his family reported to the police, searches ran throughout the night. Well, both the Marine Patrol and land units were involved.

Even after two days, nobody has traced Dylan. Recently, Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Walter White confirmed that they had located Flanagan’s kayak in the water.

But, there’s still no clue regarding where Dylan has gone. His mates and relatives have posted on social media seeking help.

Does Dylan Have A Girlfriend? Find Out Below

Dylan Rockne Flanagan has a girlfriend named Hellen Orellana. They have an overwhelming relationship.

Reportedly, Dylan and Hellen first met at UC Santa Barbara. Furthermore, he has a sister named Catherine Elizabeth.