Who Is Connie Pena Husband? Age Family and Instagram

Who Is Connie Pena Husband? Age Family and Instagram

Connie Pena’s husband remains a mystery to the world at the moment. Let us learn more about the artist here. 

Renowned singer Connie is famous for being a look-alike of Jennifer Lopez. With the resemblance of a celebrity, she has managed to catch many people’s attention. 

Changing entrepreneur to a famous artist, she has done a collab album with a famed artist, King Lupo. She is also an influencer on social media with many fan followers. 

As popular as she is, Connie is also known for being a mystery person. More about her life details are available here. 

Who Is Connie Pena Husband? 

Connie is a Latin artist, model, singer, and dancer. A lot of people recognized her as a double of International singer Jennifer Lopez. 

She has been a remarkable artist and mother to her two children. At the moment, she is a single parent who has been taking care of her kids. 

Pena has not mentioned anything relating to the father of her child. Also, her previous relationship status remains unknown. 

However, as of now, she is unmarried and does not have a husband. But, currently, she is living with her daughter Gia Bella Pena. 

The information related to her other kid is yet to get disclosed. Being a strong single mother, her children have always motivated Pena in her life. 

What Is Connie Pena Age?

Connie was born on 24 May 1979 in Santa Ana, California. The 42-years-old actress has got Gemini as her zodiac sign. 

She started getting involved in the entertainment sector in 2018. Before that, she used to be an entrepreneur of a nightclub. 

Pena started being involved in the business when she was just 21 years of age. After being in the business person for so long, finally, at 39, she shifted her profession to an artist. 

Who Are Connie Pena Family? 

Pena was born to a Mexican mother and a Peruvian father. She is the third child among her seven other siblings. 

Following the tragic event of her life, she lost her older brother, Daniel, of 17 age in 1995. At the time, Connie was just 15 when her brother got murdered by a gang. 

It was also the time when Pena decided to change her life perspective and become a better person. 

Growing up, her father gave her the responsibility of the Latin Night Club, where many renowned artists performed. 

Find Connie Pena On Instagram

Connie is available on Instagram with the username @conniepena. As of now, she has got 215k followers with 1,298 posts. 

Most of her posts are related to her professional life. Additionally, she also shares her pictures with her daughter Gia. 

Recently, she got on the reality competition named, Clash of the Cover Bands, which will air on 13 October. Here, she is covering the famed artist Jennifer Lopez.