Who Is Christina Orjalo? Everything About The Actress From Astrid And Lilly Save The World

Who Is Christina Orjalo? Everything About The Actress From Astrid And Lilly Save The World

Christina Orjalo is an actress who is back on the screen with the new SYFY series, Astrid and Lilly Save The World. 

Christina Orjalo is a young actress from Canada known for her works in theatre and television.

Astrid and Lily Save the World is an adventure, comedy-drama series which shows the aftermath when Astrid and Lilly crack open a portal to a monster dimension accidentally. The series is premiering on January 26, 2022 

Who Is Christina Orjalo From Astrid And Lilly Save The World? Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, Christina Orjalo is an actress appearing in the new series, Astrid and Lilly save the World as the character Valerie.

Her acting journey began at age of four when she played in the action movie 16 Blocks. Since then, she has worked in various films and series.

She has played in movies like Time Traveller’s Wife and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Similarly, she played in hit children’s T.V. shows like The Big Comfy Couch and Stella and Sam.

Her love for theatre was evoked when she watched the theatre, the Princess of Wales in 2007. After watching the theatre, she decided to pursue theatre in her hometown.

She debuted in theatre with the role of Little Cosette in Les Miserables. She played in the musicals like The Sound of Music, The Music Man, Hairspray, and Grease. Similarly, she also pursued to play various instruments like Ukulele, piano, violin, and guitar.

Now she is coming on television with the series Astrid and Lily Save the world, which she shared through one of her Instagram posts.

Christina Orjalo Age- How Old Is She?

Christina Orjalo is 22 years old and, she was born on September 22, 1999. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Christina has a diverse ethnicity as she has Filipino ancestors who came to Canada. She completed her high school at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts Drama Program.

She excelled in acting and has the potential. Due to this, she got accepted into a joint acting program specialized in Theatre and Drama Studies at Sheridan College and the University of Toronto.

After graduation, she landed the role in the new series and has also appeared in the horror series, Two sentence Horror story in the episode Teatime. The horror series got premiered on January 23.

Christina Orjalo Net Worth And Instagram

The net worth of Christina Orjalo is estimated to be about $1.4million. The average salary of an actress is estimated to be $79,217 per year and about $6,601 monthly.

Christina Orjalo is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

She is active on Instagram as @christinaorjalo and has 1.8k followers. In the case of Facebook, she is active as Christina Orjalo.

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