Who Is Camryn Grimes Fiance Brock Powell? Engaged Young & Restless Stars Share The News On Instagram

Who Is Camryn Grimes Fiance Brock Powell? Engaged Young & Restless Stars Share The News On Instagram

Camryn Grimes has a fiance named Brock Powell, who is a voiceover actor. 

Social media has been trending with the pictures of Camryn Grimes and Brock Powell’s engagement. The Y&R star’s romantic photo of her ring has become a topic of interest among netizens. 

Who Is Camryn Grimes Fiance Brock Powell?

Brock Powell, the fiance of Camryn Grimes, is a voice actor. He is most known for Sheep, Tsubaki, and Wilhelm van Astrea. 

He began doing impressions early and blossomed at Faith Lutheran High School in Las Vegas, where the theater program encouraged students to try out new personalities and voices.

During a performance of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, Powell took on the role of Dr. Phil during a puppet show segment (don’t ask). He says he “simply fell in love” with his first prolonged impression in front of an audience.


He majored in drama at Concordia University Irvine and practiced his craft by imitating others. He went on to work at Disneyland as a voice actor in the live show Turtle Talk with Crush after graduation and subsequently as a plaid-vest tour guide.

He then took a chance and reached out to Bill Farmer, who plays Goofy, one of Powell’s favorite characters. Luckily, he got an opportunity to work under Farmer’s guidance and mentorship, which helped develop his career.

Therefore, he works as a voice actor for audiobooks, video games, toys, and commercials almost full-time. His other voice work recently featured on Disney XD alongside another hero, Weird Al Yankovic. In the voice-acting community, he has a close set of friends, including the current voice of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.

Y&R Stars Camryn Grimes Share The News Of Getting Engaged To Brock Powell On Instagram

Y&R star Camryn Grimes share the news of her engagement with Brock Powell on Instagram. She first released an artistic photo of her and her honey smooching in the foreground.

The second has a full-fledged Up homage, complete with balloons and a copy of Carl and Ellie’s home. She captioned it, saying, “You and me, we’re in a club now.”– Ellie from ‘Up.’



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On the other hand, Powell shared the picture and captioned another quote from Up- “I have just met you, and I love you.” The couple is getting many congratulatory messages on social media. 

Is Brock Powell On Wikipedia?

Brock Well is not available on Wikipedia, but his fiance has a profile on the platform. She is an American actress mostly known for her role in Young and Restless.