Who Is Brian Brightman From Naomi? Everything To Know About The Actor Playing Commander Steel

Who Is Brian Brightman From Naomi? Everything To Know About The Actor Playing Commander Steel

Brian Brightman is an actor appearing as Commander Steel in the brand new Tv series, Naomi, which airs on CW starting 12th January.

Brian Brightman is an actor from America who has played in various TV series like Wanda Vision, The Resident, David Makes Man, and many more. He has been in the acting field for more than two decades.

Naomi is a Tv series that premiered on January 11, 2022, on the CW network. The series revolves around a cool and comic-loving teenager Naomi who is on her journey to probe her hidden destiny. 

Who Is Brian Brightman From Naomi? Wikipedia

Brian Brightman is an actor who will be playing Commander Steel in the series, Naomi. He grew up in Lancaster County in a small town called Akron. Similarly, he lived three years in New York City studying at HB Studio with Herbert Berghof.

Then he moved to Seattle and started to work in theatre and, after that, he moved to LA to work with Lorrie Hull and Strasberg’s Method. The actor started his journey in acting by playing a character, Damon Martel in the Tv series called Mystery Files of Shely Woo in 1997. 

He has played various tv and movies roles but, he is known for playing roles in popular series like Wanda Vision, Bloodline, Stranger Things, David Makes Man. He also has appeared in movies like Power of the Air, Bigger, The Hate U Give, and Richard Jewell.

While he has been working on the new projects Dog Gone and No Vacancy. Both the projects are either under filming or are in post-production and are assumed to be released in 2022.

Brian Brightman Age And Wife Details

Brian Brightman seems to be in his 40s. Since his exact birth date is not known. So, it is hard to assume his age or his birth month. He has a height of about 5 ft 10 inches.

Similarly, Brian is married to a lovely wife and has a happy family as they also have a child together. But, the details regarding who she is and her whereabouts seem to be unknown.

In addition to that, he is not much active in social media and, neither has shared information on it so, it is difficult to gather information regarding it.

He has uploaded a photo of him along with a teenage girl as his cover photo on his Facebook and, it might be her daughter. But, there is no solid evidence regarding it. Brian lives with his family in Orlando.


How Much Is Brian Brightman Net Worth?

The net worth of Brian Brightman is estimated to be about $700,000 based on the sources available on the web.

The average earning of an actor in the USA is estimated to be about $30,225 per year or $15.50 per hour.

So, he is earning well from his Profession. Although the actor doesn’t seem to use many social media, he seems to be active on Facebook. He is present on Facebook as Brian Brightman and has 187 friends