Who Is Breanna Cunningham And Was She Arrested For Manchella Allen Murder? More About Robert Adams Girlfriend – Is She In Jail?

Who Is Breanna Cunningham And Was She Arrested For Manchella Allen Murder? More About Robert Adams Girlfriend – Is She In Jail?

Mobile murder suspect Breanna Cunningham was arrested in the fatal shooting of 45-year-old Manchella Allen. Is she in jail? What are her charges? Let us dig into this article.

Breanna Marie Cunningham is a murder suspect of a 45-year-old man Manchella Joe Allen. As per the records, he was fatally shot and killed at the Cookies and Cream Night Club on February 27, 2021.

His unsolved murder case was a hit on the internet, and here we have got updates.

Reportedly, two couples, Robert Jamonte Abrams, 30, and his girlfriend Breanna Cunningham, were charged with murder in the shooting murder of 45-year-old Manchella Allen at a strip club, official authorities said in a statement.

Allen was shot and killed on Saturday, and the two suspects were taken into custody on Tuesday. 

Law enforcement officers raised the Alabama murder incident again to find out how many murder suspects are roaming in the streets? Well, Cunningham is the one among 130 suspected killers who were out on bond awaiting trial. 

Who Is Mobile Murder Suspect Breanna Cunningham?

Mobile murder suspects Breanna Cunningham is a 22 years old woman. She was booked in prison for the shooting death of Manchella Joe Allen, aged 45, on March 3, 2021, last year. 

As per the police reports, the suspect hasn’t pleaded guilty and is now facing charges of killing Manchella Allen. Who is he? As per the reports, Allen was a devoted worker at APM Terminal based in Alabama. Also, he was a coach for seven years and was known as the godfather to the player. 

Was Breanna Cunningham Arrested For Manchella Allen Murder?

Yes, Breanna Marie Cunningham was arrested by US Marshals on Tuesday night. Both are in custody in Biloxi on a murder charge. 

Also, Breanna’s boyfriend, Robert Abrams, was in custody too. Attorney Jennifer Wright told the judge that investigators believe Abrams got the gun from Cunningham. She previously was involved in the shooting in a helping and encouraging manner. Wright said the video says a lot about the incident.

Is Breanna Cunningham Still On Jail?

Breanna Cunningham, who was out on bond, was under custody again in connection with Manchella Allen’s murder.  

They are probably under custody now, and both defendants are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, Fox 10 TV reported. 

Very little is known about Breanna’s private life. We’ll keep you updated about the Alabama Mobile case.