Who Is Aubrey Saget And How Old Is She? Wikipedia & Age Details Of Bob Saget Daughter

Who Is Aubrey Saget And How Old Is She? Wikipedia & Age Details Of Bob Saget Daughter

Aubrey Saget is the eldest daughter of the late comedian-actor, Bob, a.k.a, TV dad.  

The sudden death of a famous artist has devastated everyone. The actor was 65-years-old at the time of passing aways. 

Bob has left the world, leaving his footprint in the entertainment industry. He was one of the legendary artists who had served most of his life in the sector.

The actor was also known for being one of the most controversial figures. Regardless, his death has been a loss to the entertainment industry. 

Who Is Aubrey Saget? 

Aubrey is mainly known as the celebrity kid. She is the eldest daughter of the late famous actor Bob Saget. 

Aubrey, as the oldest daughter, tributed to her late father. She shared a post on social media that made every follower emotional.  

She posted the screenshots of the conversation between her and her dad on Instagram. It seems like it was Bob’s final message to her. 

The father and daughter appear to have the best and close relationship. By hearing the death news of Bob, Aubrey and her other two sisters have been heartbroken.

Aubrey has two younger siblings named Lara and Jennifer. Saget’s sisters are now grieving for their father’s death.

Is Aubrey Saget On Wikipedia? Age Explored 

No, Aubrey is not available on the Wikipedia page. People have mainly known her as the daughter of a famous actor. 

She is the eldest daughter of Bob’s ex-wife, Sherri Kramer. Besides being a celebrity kid, Aubrey is also a notable painter. 

The eldest daughter of the family, Aubrey, was born on 15 February 1987 in NY, USA. As of now, she has reached 34-years-of age.

She completed her education at a private school and enrolled in New York University. Presently, Saget has grown up as a successful and strong woman. 

Meet Aubrey Saget Husband And Family Of Bob Saget Daughter

Aubrey has yet to disclose details about her romantic life. For the moment, it remains unknown if Bob’s eldest daughter is married, single, or dating. 

With no information about her love life, her relationship status is uncertain. Also, Aubrey has not clear whether she has a husband or not. 

Besides that, she is close with her lovely sisters and her mother, Sherri Kramer. Her mom and her dad had the longest marital relationship until they decided to live separately.

Aubrey has not opened up much about her personal life. Moreover, the family is currently at a loss and is mourning Bob’s death.