Who Is Anthony Tripodi? What Happened To His Wife Valentina Gioia?

Who Is Anthony Tripodi? What Happened To His Wife Valentina Gioia?

Anthony Tripodi is the husband of Tv executive, Valentina Gioia, who died in an accident on Tuesday. Here are the details about what happened.

Valentina Gioia was a Tv executive who has worked in popular shows like Married at First Sight and Lego masters. Her horror accident has shocked the bystanders and witnesses. 

Who Is Anthony Tripodi?

Anthony Tripodi is said to have been devastated hearing the news of his wife’s death. There are not many details about him on the internet 

The only information we have about him is that he was the husband of Valentina Gioia, a 43-year-old mom and a senior production executive. 

His wife was born in Italy who later moved to Australia with her family where she worked as a TV executive for Endemol Shine- working for hit programs like MAFS and Lego Masters. 

According to Daily Mail, the pair tied the knot in 2011 and were supposed to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. They also had two kids named Luca and Alessio. Her first child Luca is 9 years old and the younger one is 7 years old. She left behind her two lovely kids and husband who has been devastated. 

According to her sister-in-law, Lisa Tripodi, she had been supporting her two little children and her husband following Gioia’s death. 

What Happened To Anthony Tripodi Wife Valentina Gioia?

Anthony Tripodi’s wife Valentina Gioia got into a fatal accident and died. The news report said that she was crossing the street when she was fatally hit by a truck. 

Now, she is identified as a pedestrian killed by a Truck in Leichhardt according to Daily Telegraph. She was on her way to the shops in Leichhardt in Sydney’s inner west when she was suddenly struck by the vehicle. 

The incident took place at Marion Street and Flood Street intersection in Leichhardt at about 10.30 am on Tuesday. The witnesses claimed that she had been looking at her phone with her headphones in and did not realize that she had walked into danger. 

The truck was being driven by a young father who is also 43 years old was in shock when police were talking to him. He was also sent to the hospital for mandatory alcohol and drug testing. 

More On Anthony Tripodi Kids 

Anthony Tripodi has two kids. He and his wife gave birth to two lovely sons, Luca and Alessio. 

The kids have also been devastated hearing that their mother is no more with them.