Who Is Josh Widdicombe? Everything To Know About Him

Who Is Josh Widdicombe? Everything To Know About Him

Josh Widdicombe, the comedian’s parents, is the distant descendant of Henry VIII. Figure out more about the stand-up artist here. 

English comedian Josh came into the TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?” After watching the series, the viewers are stunned by the discovery of Widdicombe’s lineage. 

Josh himself was surprised to know the result of his ancestral revelation. This track down of the BBC genealogy show was known as the best episode on TV. 

Here, learn more about the TV presenter and his most exciting life story. 

Who Are Josh Widdicombe Parents?

38-years-old Josh was born to his parents in Hammersmith, London. He has not mentioned much about his parents; besides, his mother is from London, and his father is from Oxford. 

Moreover, he also has a family in Cornwell. His mother worked at Dorling Kindersley as an editor, and his father is a househusband. 

The interesting fact about Josh is that, in a recent episode of “Who Do You Think You Are,” he got claimed as having a Royal blood of Britain. 

As per Wikipedia, his 14th great-grandmom was the sister of Anne Boleyn, named Mary Boleyn. Moreover, King Edward 1st was his 23rd great-grandfather. 

Josh has got a long history of his ancestry, which has astounded his fans. Being a potential linage from Henry VIII, he has been the hot topic on the internet. 

Before revealing his identity by the show, he claimed himself from the Sabine Baring Gould ancestry. 

Josh Widdicombe Children And Disability

Josh is married to his wife, Rose Hanson, a TV producer, in 2019. They have been in two years healthy relationship till now. 

The couple also has two adorable children together. They had a daughter of four years and a son of five months old. 

Josh came to every people’s attention after being the presenter on the show “The Last Leg.” Widdicombe called himself a disabled person having the disability of severe hay fever. 

The show was also beneficial to me as a disabled person, particularly accepting my disability. Even though I was born with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, it has progressed and become more limiting for me as I’ve gotten older.

He also stated that he was born ginger. The series has been a great success in removing the stigma about disability. 

Dig Out Josh Widdicombe Net Worth

Josh is a successful artist, highly recognized as a stand-up comedian. With the accomplishments, his earnings must have been pretty good. 

However, Widdicombe himself has not mentioned anything in regards to his earnings. Even so, we expect that his estimated net worth is in the millions. 

Also, being a notable TV personality, he has earned various awards as the best entertainment performance and got nominated. 

To know more about his latest updates, he is on social media. His Twitter account handle is @henrywiddicombe

Till now, he has got 2.97k followers with 15.7k tweets. Despite his popularity, his account is yet to get verified.