Where Is Arturo Gutierrez Now? Christie Fleming Murder Case & Update

Where Is Arturo Gutierrez Now? Christie Fleming Murder Case & Update

Arturo Gutierrez is serving his sentence as of now in 2021. A cold-blooded murderer must be penalized in a way that others forbid doing the same.

We can hear that the killers sometimes openly roam around due to a lack of evidence and proof. Sometimes the crime takes many years of investigation. 

Gutierrez was arrested and declared the murderer after more than a decade of his crime. Killing own girlfriend or lover became one of the major crimes.

Where Is Arturo Gutierrez Now as of 2021?

Arturo Gutierrez’s full name is Arturo Johannas Gutierrez, he was 41 years of age the murder happened. He was in a relationship with a lady 20 years younger than him.

He was resided in Riverside County and accused of killing his former girlfriend. He pleaded even not guilty to the crime in a Whittier courtroom when he was caught.

He suffocated his high school sweetheart to death at her Whittier resident. Fleming was believed to be in her mid-twenties around 25 years old at the time of the crime.

DNA on a cigarette butt that was found on her kitchen counter matched with Gutierrez’s DNA as per the authorities. In 1993 a warrant was issued to draw his blood for a test.

They embraced high technology for DNA match, as it could also match 10K people of Latino descent. Upon confirmation that Gutierrez was murdered, Davis took a deep breath.

Fleming’s sister Davis said, “It’s still like it’s not real to me.” “She had so much going for her. She had her life completely in order… She was in the prime of her life.” 

Gutierrez is still serving his sentence behind the jail. The detail of his sentence is not found, however, for murder, he must serve life imprisonment without parole. 

Learn About Christie Fleming Murder Case & Update

Christie Fleming laid dead on the kitchen floor of her condo which was newly bought about six months earlier. Her sister, Davis found her body for the first time.

When she failed to attend a pre-Mother’s Day breakfast, Davis went to her condo to check up on her. It was on May 13, 1989, when she then discovered her body.

During the investigation, a burn-out cigarette butt was on her kitchen counter, and intact cigarette ash was on her bedroom floor. Later the cigarette butt became crucial evidence.

More On The Murderer Arturo Gutierrez 

Arturo Gutierrez was having Christie Fleming as his girlfriend despite having two decades of an age gap between them. They were high school sweethearts.

Initially, Gutierrez and Fleming were having a good relationship but, it ended up. The school partner’s relationship didn’t continue with love, instead resulted in a death and a murder.

Christie’s parents were divorced. But, she had a sister, Rhonda Davis, who shared close bonding with her. She was the one who first found out about the crime.