What Surgery Is David Highfield Having? “Pittsburgh Today Live” Co-Host Disease And Health Update

What Surgery Is David Highfield Having? “Pittsburgh Today Live” Co-Host Disease And Health Update

What surgery is David Highfield having? Here’s everything to know about his illness and health update.

David is a co-anchor of Your Day Pittsburgh at KDKA. Along with Heather Abraham, he hosts Pittsburgh Today Live aired on CBS.

Well, he is a popular journalist who has won over 12 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards. Previously, he worked for 7 years in Your Pittsburgh, an evening newsmagazine on KDKA.

What Surgery Is David Highfield Having?

David Highfield underwent surgery on January 13, 2021. Most probably, he will not be available on the shows next week.

Recently, the reporter replied to a tweet claiming that he had undergone a procedure. A Twitter user, Jackie Jaros sent prayers to David and was hopeful that he will recover soon.

Well, the famous journalist was kind enough to reply to his tweet. Reportedly, David has been feeling sore and dizzy probably because of the surgery.

Nevertheless, he is glad that the procedure has been completed successfully. Celebsaga prays for his speedy recovery.

Moving on, an Instagram user, Mary Ann confirmed that David will not be available next week. On his latest Ig post, she posted a comment claiming that she will miss him in the shows.

Amusingly, Marry has asked his husband, Gary to make him breakfast all week long. Undoubtedly, his partner will be supporting the man until he feels better.

Despite sharing the news regarding his procedure, David is yet to confirm what surgery he was having. This is a developing story and we will provide an update as soon as he confessed anything about his surgery.

PTL Host David Highfield Illness & Health Update

David Highfield is widely recognized as the host of PTL. Rumors claim that he is suffering from a disease.

But, there’s nothing to know about David’s illness on the internet. Well, the man hasn’t confirmed anything about his bad health yet. 

Indeed, fans are worried about David. The only thing we can confirm is that he underwent surgery recently.

Moving on, he is yet to provide a detailed update about his health. Indeed, his viewers are keen to know what happened to him.

Is David Highfield sick? Yes, he seems to be sick as he feels sore and dizzy. Hopefully, the journalist is recovering well.

Does David Highfield Have A Wife?

No, David Highfield doesn’t have a wife. This is because the man is bisexual.

However, from various sources, we have come to know that David is a married man. As we mentioned earlier, his husband is Garry.

But, he is not quite open about his relationship on social media. You can follow him on Instagram (@davidhighfield), Twitter (@DavidHighfield), and Facebook (@DavidHighfield.tv).

Learn About Journalist David Net Worth 2022

David Highfield’s net worth is probably around the thousands. The journalist’s profile is currently not available on Wikipedia.

However, you can learn about David from his LinkedIn profile. Well, his exact assets will be updated later.