What Happened To Truthfully Trisha And Why Was She Arrested? Details About The YouTuber

What Happened To Truthfully Trisha And Why Was She Arrested? Details About The YouTuber

Truthfully Trisha is a Youtuber who was arrested amid a complaint filed against her for Cyber-Stalking. Learn more about what happened to her.

Truthfully Trisha aka Patricia Kirley apparently uses the platform to bully, slander, and defame people while pretending to be an anti-bully advocate.

Trisha was involved in a criminal case and the charge was Cyber-Stalking with no regard for accountability of her actions.

What Happened To Truthfully Trisha And Why Was She Arrested? 

Many individuals think that Truthfully Trisha finally got what she deserved after being arrested for cyberbullying. The Youtuber was famous for accusing people of bad deeds and sharing mug shots of random people.

With no valid source of information, she used to bully people on her platform, Youtube, and dox private data of them.

Pretending to be an anti-bully advocate as well as a mental health advocate, Truthfully Trisha made fun of people daily about their looks.

In one of her videos, Trisha threatened to rip a woman’s hair off while laughing at her criminal record and showing her mugshot pictures.

She also told a woman she would bedazzle a gun for her before putting it in her mouth, making fun of cancer patients and the list goes on and on.

Furthermore, she has accused men of being pedophiles and accused one man of being a murderer because this man’s brother was arrested.

Doxing information without consent is a serious offense and she is way past due for mocking the justice system.

Truthfully Trisha Update On Divorce With Dr Phil 

Truthfully Trisha appeared on the Dr. Phil show with her husband, Sean who was on the verge of divorcing her.

Her husband seemed agitated and had a request for Dr. Phil to her wife. He wanted her to stop live streaming and showing their personal life 24/7.

Dr. Phil also offered her help and stated Trisha was an attention seeker. Her husband, who was on the verge of always being

Dr. Phil presented Trisha with help under the condition she would unplug from the internet for 90 days but and she refused to take that offer.

She further claimed she is the Rosa Parks Of The Internet and backlashed on her husband. Sean then divorced her amid her insane activities.

She then went on to defame Dr. Phil who only wanted to provide her assistance to better her life.

Truthfully Trisha YouTube Channel In 2022 – Is She Still Updating New Videos?

As of 2022, Truthfully Trisha is still uploading content and live streaming on her Youtube channel.

She last appeared on Youtube on 9 Jan 2022 with ”#woops #……#TruthfullyTrisha” where she talks nonstop.

She has not stopped after her mental chaos video went public making her look crazy for her actions.

After the cyberbullying and being arrested she is still uploading nuance content on her Youtube channel.