48 Hours: What Happened To Steve Pankey Son? Update On The Family Of The Colorado Governor Candidate

48 Hours: What Happened To Steve Pankey Son? Update On The Family Of The Colorado Governor Candidate

48 Hours: Steve Pankey was arrested for the 1984 murder of Jonelle Mathews. Everything to know about his ex-wife and son. What happened?

On December 20, 1984, a 14-year-old girl, Jonelle Mathews was kidnapped from her home in Colorado, never to return. Her whereabouts remained a mystery for more than 35 years until her remains were discovered in 2019.

As a result, Steve Pankey was arrested and taken under custody. The 71-year-old was a person of interest in the case over the course of three decades. However, the grand jury found him guilty for false reporting only as he walks free. 

Steve Pankey Wife Angela Hicks And Son: What Did He Do?

Steve Pankey allegedly killed a 14-year-old girl from Greeley, Colorado in 1984. 

During his trial in 2019, his ex-wife, Angela Hicks explained his odd behavior in her testimony as well. However, the politician was not found guilty on any of the charges he was indicted on. 

The grand jury did find him guilty of false reporting. Several reports say that he endured the death of his son but the details are unconfirmed. 

Moroever, the case remained hanging for more than 35 years until the remains of the young girl were discovered in 2019. However, no DNA evidence was extracted from it, making the evidence against Pankey circumstantial. 

What Happened To Jonelle Mathews? Steve Pankey Murder Trial

Jonelle Mathews left her home on December 20, 1984, and didn’t return back ever again. 

As per reports, the 14-year-old was kidnapped and reportedly killed somewhere in Greeley, Colorado. Her remains were discovered on July 24, 2019, and the trial for her murder began. 

A politician, Steve Pankey was identified as the prime suspect after the victim’s father was ruled out back in 1984. The trial took place but the verdict came in the favor of the politician. 

Hence, justice is yet to be served for Mathews. 

Steve Pankey Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Steve Pankey doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio, however, he has made several stints in US politics. 

The former Colorado man ran for governor in Idaho three times, losing in the primary elections. Also, he was a candidate for a county sheriff in Twin Falls which, once again, wasn’t a success story for him. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to find out his current whereabouts. Pankey is a representative of the Republican Party.