What Happened To K9 Arlo The Police Dog? Story Of His Health Status After Getting Shot

What Happened To K9 Arlo The Police Dog? Story Of His Health Status After Getting Shot

K9 Arlo The Police Dog, who was shot by law enforcement after a high-speed chase in January, has officially retired from service.

The evidence explained in an incident report from a Jan. 13 shooting on Interstate 5 indicates only law enforcement fired their weapons and injured K9 Arlo.

In the gunfire, Arlo was shot two times on Jan 13 chase. GoFundMe arranged by the Thurston County Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation raised $73,705 for the dog, which had to undergo surgery.

What Happened To K9 Arlo The Police Dog? 

K9 Arlo, the police dog was shot twice while on the job and instantly was taken to emergency care.

The dog was wounded by law enforcement after a high-speed chase. However, the GoFundMe page did not indicate law enforcement shot the dog.

Instead, GoFundMe indicated vaguely describe the incident as an officer-involved shooting. 

According to an incident report, Turpin, one of the six officers who opened fire during that incident, also asserted Arlo was attacked by a suspect in a now-deleted post.

The report alleviates new light on the elements surrounding the incident that led to the shooting and arrest of 25-year-old Victor Hugo Ortiz Bucio.

Martín Bilbao previously reported, Five Thurston County deputies and one Washington State Patrol trooper reportedly fired on Ortiz Bucio on Jan. 13 after he allegedly led them on a high-speed chase and pointed a gun at them.

Video evidence with a sight of Ortiz Bucio records of him stepping out of his vehicle and pointing his gun at law enforcement and K9 Arlo was seen entering from the left in the video.

Story Of K9 Arlo Health Status After Getting Shot

K9 Arlo, Thurston County Sheriff K-9 officer, had to undergo eight-hour surgery after being shot.

K9 Arlo, had surgery to remove a bullet from near his spine but the fever spiked right before his scheduled surgery.

Thankfully after eight hours under the knife at Oregon State University’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, the K-9 officer was walking with assistance on Saturday.

Dr. Jen Warnock said, “The C6 vertebra was shattered; the bullet missed an artery that would’ve killed him by a millimeter; it could’ve destroyed his carotid artery.”

K9 Arlo The Police Dog Retirement

K9 Arlo has officially retired from service after the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office transferred ownership of the dog to his handler, Deputy Tyler Turpin.

Arlo was the most recent member of the Thurston County K-9 unit, having obtained his certification to serve at the end of 2019.

When Thurston County K-9 dogs retire, their handlers are given the foremost opportunity to purchase them and keep them as pets.

Because of Arlo’s injury mostly to his neck and shoulders, it is possible to have arthritis and won’t be able to return back to active duty so it was time for his retirement.