What Happened To Howie Long? Former NFL Player Health Update After Surgery – Where Is He Today?

What Happened To Howie Long? Former NFL Player Health Update After Surgery – Where Is He Today?

Howie Long underwent surgery and met a complication. Read this article to the end to find out everything about the athlete.

Howard Matthew Moses Long is a former football defensive end, actor, and sports analyst based in America. He played in the National Football League for 13 seasons.

After leaving the games, he pursued a career in acting and broadcasting and, serves as a studio analyst for Fox Sports’ NFL coverage. 

What Happened To Howie Long?

Howie has bruised in his knees and went to see the doctor for the same back in 1986. He had the blood drained three times that week.


That was when the raiders had him listed as a probable to play against the Browns. He was about to be released the following day, but there was a doubt if he could play.

There was a rumor that he had his knee arthroscopy, but the news was kept secret. The orthopedist said the operation was minor that required three stitches.

He is one of the most high-profile members of raider National is Fox NFL Sunday host. He made eight Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams as an Oakland Raider and won in 1983.

Howie was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, and was raised in Charlestown, Boston by his uncles and maternal grandmother. He attended Milford High School in Milford, MA.

He played football at Villanova Univesity near Philadelphia and earned a degree in communication. He also boxed at Villanova and was the Northern Collegiate Boxing Champion.

Howie Long Health Update After Surgery

Howie underwent surgery back in 1986 November. He was in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday night to have pooling blood in the muscles bruise.

He had the bruise just above his left knee drained. The following day he was scheduled to be released, he was about to play a game after a few days in San Diego.

The doctor said he would take 7 to 10 days to heal. They have to cut the skin which, took them 15-20 minutes, and he had about three stitches.

Where Is NFL Player Howie Long Today?

After the retirement from the game after the 1993 season, Howie has been a mainstay with Fox Sports as an analyst for the network’s NFL pregame coverage.


He typically provides straight news but, on occasion, jumps into the mix with Terry Bradshaw and his antics. He spent 13 years as a professional NFL player.

He has taken up half time live show of THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL from New York, considered to be America’s No. 1 program show.

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