What Happened To Christa Delcamp On NECN? Everything About The Journalist – Where Is She Now?

What Happened To Christa Delcamp On NECN? Everything About The Journalist – Where Is She Now?

Christa Delcamp is a journalist known for being the anchor of NBC News Boston and NECN. What happened to the NECN news anchor? Where is she now? 

Journalist and news anchor, Christa Delcamp hasn’t been seen for a long time and fans are already asking questions. When you are a regular on television, a lot of people will take notice when you get absent for a while. 

And Christa Delcamp has kept herself off the TV for some time. Did something happen to her? Continue reading this article to find out everything about her Wikipedia, parents, and family. 

What Happened To Christa Delcamp On NECN? 

Christa Delcamp is best known for being the news anchor and journalist for NBC10 News Boston. 

Having been on the news channel since February 2018, the award-winning anchor co-anchors NBC10 Boston News Today along with Latoyia Edwards, Natasha Verma, and Matt Noyes. 

Moroever, the journalist is away from the TV for personal reasons. She doesn’t give anything away about her personal life and will probably get back to the television soon. 

Christa Delcamp Wikipedia Bio To Know: Where Is She Now?

Christa Delcamp is yet to have a Wikipedia bio, however, she is very much known for her work. 

Moreover, the Emmy-winning journalist has been working for NBC10 Boston News since February 2018. Besides, she has been involved in news anchoring for the past 15 years or so. 

Prior to that, Delcamp has done a lot of media roles as well. She also worked as a producer and news anchor for WBNG-TV. 

As of now, the journalist works as the news anchor for NBC10 News Boston even though she has taken some time off the station for a while. 

Christa Delcamp Age: Find Her On Instagram

Christa Delcamp is currently 53 years old. 

Born and raised in Arizona, the journalist celebrates her birthday on September 19 every year. 

Furthermore, one can follow Christa on Instagram. The news anchor has accumulated more than 2500 followers on her mildly active Instagram account.

Christa Delcamp Salary and Net Worth: Meet Her Husband And Children

Christa Delcamp has a net worth of around $4 million, as per The Sun. 

Moving on to her family, Christa is married to her longtime partner, Phillip. Also, the couple has already welcomed a son and a daughter together. 

Even though the journalist posts family photos on Instagram, she doesn’t like to talk much about her personal life.