What Happened To Bajan Canadian, Was He Arrested? Find Out!

What Happened To Bajan Canadian, Was He Arrested? Find Out!

Bajan Canadian, a famous mine craft content creator on youtube, is making a comeback in his channel after 2 years of disappearance. 

It appears that the YouTuber Bajan, who has gone missing since 2019, is back in the game.

His recent tweets show how much he missed YouTube and his fans and how grateful he is to be back on the channel. He says that he will be more serious about making the Minecraft video from now on.

What Happened To Bajan Canadian?

Nothing is more heartbreaking than returning to your favorite Minecraft YouTuber to discover that they’ve deleted their channel or all of their videos.

The same had happened in early 2021 when he enlisted all of his Minecraft videos from youtube without any announcement or explanation.

However, Bajan Canadian had stopped uploading videos to his channel in 2019 for an unspecified reason. He even stopped using social media and vanished from the internet.

Fans were shocked by his sudden disappearance. And the reason behind his disappearance is still a mystery to all of his fans. However, he is back again, creating content and video on games.

One of his most recent tweets shows him back in action, where he writes how good it feels to be back in the game. 

Perhaps he was busy coding a new type of Skyblock all this time, as suggested by this tweet.

Was Bajan Canadian Arrested? Find Out!

There is no news reported about the arrest of your favorite YouTuber. However, some hypotheses have been created about his disappearance since he has not mentioned anything related to that topic.

Some of them speculated that he had been arrested and imprisoned. Removing him from the social media platform and deleting all of his videos.

But we assure you that he may have his reasons for disappearance, which does not include imprisonment. 

Finally, Bajan Canadian is back on social media after almost 2 years. 

He began tweeting more frequently, finally acknowledging his absence and announcing that he would return to making Minecraft content shortly.

Bajan Canadian Net worth Is Bound To Increase

He was one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers at the time, with a large fan base.

He rose to prominence alongside his counterpart JeromeASF as a result of their critically acclaimed Minecraft Hunger Games series.

His primary source of income includes his youtube channel, named Bajan Canadian. The Bajan Canadian channel has 5.78 million subscribers as of now. 

Though any statement regarding his net worth has not been published, the YouTuber certainly earns a lot from his youtube channel. 

Bajan Canadian was a regular contributor and member of Team Crafted, a popular and collaborative group of Minecraft YouTubers formed in 2012, similar to the Dream Team or Dream SMP members today.

As one of the first popular Minecraft content creators in the early 2010s, the now 27-year-old has undoubtedly contributed to the creation and growth of the Minecraft YouTube community itself.

And now, after his comeback, his fans are more than excited to see his work.