What Happened To Anthony Mason On CBS Morning Show? Take A Look

What Happened To Anthony Mason On CBS Morning Show? Take A Look

There have been some changes in the CBS newsroom. What Happened To Anthony Mason On CBS Morning Show?

Anthony Mason is a famous American Broadcast Journalist. Along with that, he works as a reporter, anchor, and correspondent for CBS News. 

The CBS Journalist has been recognized for his works. He has received the award for General Excellence of Individual Reporting on Vietnam Veterans and Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement. 

There is news coming up of his resignation from CBS. We have provided information about his latest update and also given an insight into his personal life information. 

What Happened To Anthony Mason On CBS Morning Show?

Anthony Mason will no longer be seen on ‘CBS This Morning’.  The senior journalist will be replaced by Nate Burleson from September of 2021. 

However, Anthony will remain intact with the CBS. He will be working on the culture show with CBS which has always been the most loved job of the senior reporter.

The nature of his new job is explained by the CBS boss. According to him Anthony will be now working on knowing the cultural background of each country and how it has impacted the overall atmosphere of the nation. 

Anthony is excited to take on his new assignment. Some of his fans have shared on Twitter that they will miss seeing him on the CBS Morning Show but at the same time also give him best wishes for his new beginning. 


Is Anthony Mason Sick and Leaving?

No, Anthony Mason is in good health condition and is not leaving CBS News. The senior is just about to discontinue his current show which is ‘CBS This Morning’ and soon will be doing another show with CBS. 

The senior reporter has an emotional attachment with the CBS. It has already been 40 years since he has been involved in the company and can’t imagine quitting this job. 

Anthony is considered to be the gem for CBS. The senior reporter has many decades of experience working as a reporter and the CBS team is fully confident that his new show of culture with them is going to be a major hit. 

Anthony Mason Family – Meet His Wife And Kids

Anthony is happily married to his wife Christina Anne Unhoch. The couple has been together for 27 years and were married back in the year 1994. 

The couple has a daughter and a son. His children live in Manhattan, United States. 

Anthony had a marital relationship in the past as well. He was previously married to Amy Dickson who was an advice columnist by profession.

Amy and Anthony have a daughter. Their marriage lasted only for 4 years and they divorced in the year of 1990.