What Did Ladarius Tweet About Monica? Ladarius Smith Accusations, What Did He Say?

What Did Ladarius Tweet About Monica? Ladarius Smith Accusations, What Did He Say?

Ladarius tweeted about Monica and accused her of not being there for him. What did he say? 

Netflix’s Cheer is known for its pyramids, tumbles, and drama. There was lots of drama between Monica Aldama and La’Darious Marshall in the series. The Season 2 of Cheer addressed the big controversies of Jerry Harris’s arrest and Marshall quitting the team. 

La’Darious quit the Navarro Cheer and accused Monica of bullying him. He alleged that she was not there for him when he needed her the most. Jerry got arrested after a se*ual discount allegations with two minors got reported. 

What Did Ladarius Tweet About Monica? 

In February 2021, La’Darius Marshall tweeted about Monica Aldama. He talked about her favorite line, which is to be accountable for your actions, and wrote that it is now her turn to be held accountable. Smith did not want to blindly follow the corrupt leaders so he quit. 

Monica Aldama and La’Darious Marshall had a falling out after Cheer Season 1 aired. When she went on Dancing With the Stars in 2020, Kailee Peppers filled her position in Navarro Cheer, and Kailee and La’Darious did not see eye to eye.

La’Darius felt that he was not getting the support he needed when she went away. After Monica came back from the dancing show, she forgot where she came from, as she got blindsided by the social media fury, reports Parade.

Monica alleged that she was hurt over it as she has gone above and beyond for him. She did so much for Marshall as she was determined he would graduate. He even went to her house for Thanksgiving, and she paid for his dorm deposit. 

Ladarius Marshall Accusations: What Did He Say?

La’Darius Marshall later explained in an Instagram Live that he regretted not showing how upset he was on Cheer. He did not take time to heal after his uncle’s death. He talked about how he was mentally abused by his coaches and peers when the cameras weren’t rolling. 

Marshall claimed that Navarro College’s cheer program changed after 2019. He accused the program got abusive, but he didn’t detail what is exactly were the abuse. Marshall said that his mental health suffered after being a part of the team, reports Vulture

Where Are Ladarius Marshall And Monica Aldama Now?

La’Darius Marshall is coaching cheerleading and currently lives in Pensacola, Florida. In September 2020, he posted a message on social media that sounded disheartened and possibly suicidal. He was later found safe as he received help from a friend. 

Monica Aldama is still coaching Navarro College Cheer. She recently released her first book, Full Out: Lessons In Life and Leadership From America’s Favorite Coach. 

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Last Modified: January 19, 2022

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