Were FBG Duck Killers Arrested? Caught and Death Cause

Were FBG Duck Killers Arrested? Caught and Death Cause

In a YouTube video, FBG Duck mom revealed that his killers have been arrested. Here are details about what happened. 

FBG Duck, a rapper from Chicago was killed last year in August in an upscale retail shopping district. BBC shared that he was host by four people who emerged from two cars and then fled after shooting him. 

Police have been searching for the killers and it seems they finally caught them after over a year the incident took place.

Mother Of FBG Duck Reveals That Killers Have Been Arrested

FBG Duck, legal name Carlton Weekly’s mom revealed that the killers of her son has been arrested by the FBI. She went live on her social media profile and announced that the FBI called her and informed her about the news. 

She also named three killers who are Muwop, Cthang and DQ. A Youtube video also claimed that Zell who was also allegedly involved in the crime has unfortunately committed suicide last month. 

The mother of the deceased got emotional and said that she will see all of them in court and they will have to prove themselves innocent if they claim that they did not murder her son. 

Were FBG Duck Killers Caught?

According to FBG Duck mother, his killers have been caught. However, there is no official news about it. 

She also mentioned that she is the first one to share this news with netizens. It is possible that the official statement about the arrest of the murderers is yet to be released. 

In addition, she also mentioned that the officers only informed her about the arrest but has not updated her regarding inquiry or investigation. Thus, she does not know the reason why her son was killed.

More On FBG Duck Death Cause

FBG Duck cause of death was because of a gunshot. He was killed last year in August in the Gold Coast area, a luxury and boutique shopping district near the city’s downtown.

Police also mentioned that the murder rate in the area had risen by 152% at that time. He was an idol for many youngsters and his death was a big loss for the community. 

Good kids Madcity, a student anti-violence group also mourned his death on Twitter. Now, his fans are awaiting the official news from the investigators about the arrest of his murderers. 

We will update you with further information once the authorities provide an official statement from their side.