Wavy Navy Pooh Death Cause, Miami Shooting Update: Real Name and Wikipedia Update

Wavy Navy Pooh Death Cause, Miami Shooting Update: Real Name and Wikipedia Update

Wavy Navy Pooh cause of death is rumored to be shooting in Miami. However, news sources are yet to provide an update on the incident. 

Wavy Navy Pooh was a rising hip-hop star from Miami. He was the artist from Quality Control Music, the same label that Lil Bay and Migos are signed to. 

His sudden death has shocked everyone. Many people are paying him tribute and praying for his soul to rest in peace. 

Wavy Navy Pooh Death Cause Is Miami Shooting- Follow The Updates

The cause of death of Wavy Navy Pooh is believed to be a shooting in Miami. Thus, many sources have claimed that he was shot and killed in his hometown. 

Although there is no official news about it, an incident in Southwest Miami Dade involves the rapper. According to W.S.N.V., a person has been killed in a traffic fatality. 

However, investigators discovered partially covered a car with gunshot holes in the driver’s side door with a yellow tarp. The police have not determined whether the person died due to a shooting or a car accident.

Police are seeking a silver Lexus that fled the area. Officers have closed Southwest 152nd Street from 122nd to 133rd avenues as they investigate.

Due to police action in the vicinity, the COVID-19 testing site at Zoo Miami was closed just after 8 p.m., according to Miami-Dade County officials. It is set to reopen at 7 a.m. on Saturday.

Nevertheless, the investigators have not released the victim’s name in the incident. However, some people think that it may be the incident that involves the rapper. 

Wavy Navy Pooh Real Name Exposed

Wavy Navy Pooh’s real name is unknown to the public. Therefore, he uses this same name everywhere, including on stage and on social media. 

He has not provided much detail about his personal life in the media. Nonetheless, his fans loved him and his music that tells the story of Miami. 

He always thanked Instagram for providing him an opportunity to start his career. So quality Control’s P direct-messaged the 25-year-old rapper on Instagram, asking for music, which resulted in his recent and quick signing to the label. 

Does Wavy Navy Pooh Have A Wikipedia?

Wavy Navy Pooh does not have a Wikipedia profile. However, the music studio he signed to provide some information about his career. 

He released his first album, Murder Is A Major Issue, or M.I.A.M.I., as part of the new generation of Q.C.’s roster, a label recognized for finding and breaking brilliant new talent.

The album provides an introduction to Miami’s lesser-known side, as seen through the eyes of someone who discovered hip-hop to be not only a way out but also a means for shedding light on the violence that has blighted the lives of those who couldn’t.