Watch: Chalino Sanchez Death Note Handed To Him By An Audience, Reading Video Revealed

Watch: Chalino Sanchez Death Note Handed To Him By An Audience, Reading Video Revealed

Chalino Sanchez death note handed to him by an audience was revealed on Reddit.

Chalino was a popular Mexican singer and songwriter. Some of his popular releases were Alma Enamorada, Nieves de enero, Baraja de Oro, and many more.

On May 16, 1992, he was shot in the back of the head. When two farmers had found his body, they discovered that Sanchez was blindfolded and had rope marks on his wrists.

Watch: Chalino Sanchez Death Note Handed To Him By An Audience Revealed On Reddit

Chalino Sanchez was supposedly handed a death note by one of the audiences when he performed his last-ever performance.

Well, there are several theories regarding his demise. According to Wikipedia, the note revealed that he was going to die once he was done performing.

That night, Chalino was driving home along with two brothers, a cousin, and some young women. After a while, they were pulled over by a few armed men and their cars were unmarked.

The next day, his body was discovered near Highway 15,  Los Laureles, Culiacán. Even today, we are unsure who killed him.

After his demise, Chalino’s music started getting popular. Interestingly, his songs earn millions of streams and are quite trending among young Hispanic listeners.

On Reddit, a user has found three possible reasons why he could have died. Indeed, netizens were unaware of these facts.

The first reason dates back to 1975 when Chalino’s sister got raped by Chapo Perez. Two years later, he saw him and shot him. Hence, Chapo’s gang might have taken revenge.

Reportedly, the second reason is the Coachella incident in 1992. Well, Chalino was performing at Los Arcos nightclub that day when Eduardo Gallegos climbed on the stage and started firing at the singer.

There was a gun battle between the two where Chalino was critically wounded while Eduardo was killed. Most probably, a gang of the victim might have killed Chalino four months after the incident.

The final reason is that he played the song that he was warned not to sing. Hence, a group might have murdered him that night.

Is Chalino Sanchez Video Available?

Yes, Chalino Sanchez’s video is available online. You can watch it on YouTube or any other platform.

In the recording, we can see an audience handing him a piece of paper. After reading it, Chalino looked nervous as he is seen looking around to see if someone was carrying a gun.

Singer Chalino Cause Of Death: Murder Or Suicide?

Chalino Sanchez’s cause of death was the gunshot wound. Celebsaga can confirm that he was murdered.

Although rumors claim that he might have committed suicide, we do not think he ended his life himself. The police are still investigating his murder case after three decades.