Was Theuns Jordaan Married To His Wife? Partner: Meet His Daughter

Was Theuns Jordaan Married To His Wife? Partner: Meet His Daughter

Legendary singer Theuns Jordaan was not married to his wife but had a daughter from her. Find more details about the late singer.

Theuns Jordaan, active since 1992 in the South African music scene, was reported dead after losing his long battle against cancer.

The elite singer, songwriter, and music producer died from leukemia complications on November 17, 2021.

Theuns was born on January 10, 1971, in the Venterstad farm nearby the Eastern Cape region of South Africa.

His music career was an accidental invention as he performed at a local bar night session while pursuing his industrial psychology degree from the University of Stellenbosch.

Supporters were in deep pain after hearing about the loss of their favorite singer on Wednesday morning.

Theuns was just reported fit and healthy post his September operations on leukemia.

Was Theuns Jordaan Married To His Wife? Partner Details Revealed

Theuns Jordaan has not been married to his wife. Besides, he has never revealed anything about his secret partners, if any.

Jordaan has remained happy and single throughout his career but has been a little funky with some of the great women he met on the line.

The bluesy rustic singer is known for his expressive bass voice and tonal superiority, and he has been at the heart core of every lady, but none has ever won his heart to its nature.

Theuns once got real romantic with a 21 years old girl he met during the Klein Karoo arts festival of 2008.

The girl named Jo-Ann Jansen Van Vuuren was so attractive and a wild glossy shade to the singer’s melancholy heart, and he got physical with her whole expressing his ignited love for her.

The pair never dated, and the elite singer forgot about Jo-Ann after that romantic evening until the blessing of March 2009.

In 2009, Theuns was reported by an authentic letter and some media highlights about the whereabouts of her previous one night date.

Ann was then dating a 49-year-old partner who didn’t get his desired paternity report for Britney Deone, and thus Theuns took responsibility for his newly born daughter.

Meet Theuns Jordaan’s Beautiful Daughter

Theuns Jordaan was blessed by his beautiful and loving daughter Britney Deone from his short-term partner and date from Klein art festival in 2008.

The singer’s phase as a father has been carved with some severe turbulence as he only knew about his daughter’s actual mother on just two occasions.

The identity of Jo-Ann was revealed to Jordaan and his fans all over the world in March 2009 when the paternity report of her newly born daughter matched Theuns’s gene.

The singer’s short night love of Namibia finally got answered in quite an estranged and reversed way, but he took the issue wholeheartedly and admitted his love for his child.

Theuns Jordaan’s Death Cause Explored

Theuns Jordaan was reported dead by the medical authority on November 17, 2021, after losing his battle to leukemia.

He was treated for the leukemia complication just in September and was periodically visiting the hospital for regular checkups and follow-ups.

In March of 2021, Theuns underwent bone marrow surgery and was hospitalized for a short time.

The singer’s death has brought about the void in his well-wisher’s hearts and caused an indescribable absence of root music from the South African community.