Was Sasha Allen On The Voice A Girl Before Transition? Jim And Sasha Allen Back Story

Was Sasha Allen On The Voice A Girl Before Transition? Jim And Sasha Allen Back Story

Fans of The Voice season 21 are questioning if Sasha Allen was on the show before transition? Check out all you need to know about the rising talent below.

Sasha Allen, a 21st season competitor on The Voice, delivered an excellent performance on Monday, November 22, 2021. Allen and his father, Jim, sang “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” on Top 11 Live Shows.

Was Sasha Allen On The Voice A Girl Before Transition?

Sasha Allen’s Trinisition occurred during his senior year of high school. In The Voice’s 21st season audition video, he stated that he related to the format of The Voice because of his life experiences.

Allen, who was born feminine, struggled with his gender as a child. In an Instagram post, he recently spoke out about his difficulties. Meanwhile, Jim overcame emotion as he described why he couldn’t be a part of those trying times.

In the Instagram post, Allen writes:

“#transdayofvisibility was yesterday but im trans so i deserve to post a selfie even tho i missed it . in middle school i used to take selfies and photoshop my body to look how i wanted it to , and now i look exactly like those pics ! very cool.”

Allen ended his email with a few encouraging comments that may encourage those who are going through the same thing. He, further, added:

“If ur young & ur trans & ur reading this, one day u will look back and wonder why u were ever so worried . life is so worth living and being trans is unique and beautiful and if people say otherwise u shud insult them so horribly that they think about it for the next 2 months. Gn.”

Sasha noted in his Instagram post that he is one of only three transgender singers who have ever appeared on The Voice. Angel Bonilla was the first transgender singer in The Voice 14th season, while Dane Mautonem was the second openly transgender artist.

Jim and Sasha Allen Back Story

Jim and Sasha Allen are a father-son team who impressed The Voice coaches. Day two of the blind auditions was full of shocks, the largest of which came from the Connecticut group.

While Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson battled for them on The Voice, Sasha leaped at the chance to be a member of the Positions singer’s squad. She presented the singers with a basket as a token of her appreciation.

Although The Voice coaches did not deal with Sasha’s backstory, he and Jim did summarize their life path in an introduction short. Also, the duo showed their backstory before their performance.

The two discussed their musical tastes and how Sasha first took up a guitar at six years old. His father is a music instructor who taught him the art of singing forms easy for him.

The father-son pair have officially advanced beyond The Voice’s blind auditions, battle rounds, and knockout rounds. They have now progressed to live performances.

Whether or if this couple wins the competition, they have already created program history. Sasha Allen is the 21st season’s first openly transgender singer to make it through the battle rounds.