Was David Sassoli Suffering From Any Disease (Malattia)? European Union President Death Sparks Peoples Curiosity

Was David Sassoli Suffering From Any Disease (Malattia)? European Union President Death Sparks Peoples Curiosity

David Sassoli was the European Union President. He passed away on January 11, 2021, after suffering from immune malfunctioning.

David Sassoli is the late Italian politician and journalist. From 3 July 2019 until his death, he was the President of the European Parliament.

He passed away on January 11, 2022. Sassoli was one of the biggest names in Italian Journals as well, he has worked for the Il Tempo magazine.

David has been instrumental in guiding the EU legislative through historic budget negotiations. Get to more about him below.

David Sassoli Cause Of Death: Was He Suffering From Any Disease/ Malattia? 

David Sassoli died as a result of poor health. Meanwhile, details on his disease or malattia have not to be shared on the news.

The politician had been hospitalized because his immune system was not functioning normally.

During a plenary session of the Parliament in Strasbourg, he reportedly developed acute pneumonia. Although, he recovered well and returned.

Then again he was hospitalized on December 26, 2021, after immune malfunctioning. He was admitted to a hospital in Strasbourg.

The medical reports had conveyed that, the EU president had suffered pneumonia caused by legionella.

According to CDC, Legionella is a bacteria that causes pneumonia. People often suffer from it after inhaling the bacteria from water or soil.

Adults, smokers, and those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable to Legionnaires’ illness.

At the time being no news outlet has talked about his prolonged disease. His death appears to have been caused by severe pneumonia only.

Meet David Sassoli’s Son Giulio Sassoli & Family

At the hospital, David Sassoli died surrounded by his family. He has a son named Giulio Sassoli and a daughter who is called Livia.

Two of his children were born from his wife, Alessandra Vittorini. At present, his wife is 64 years of age and she is from L’Aquila, Abruzzo.

Professionally, Vittorini is an architect, she currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.

His son Giulio Sassoli does not have an authentic Wikipedia page. However, some sources suggest that he graduated from the University of Bologna.

Nonetheless, David has not shared a lot about his son and other family members. The family is in deep grief after his untimely death.

David Sassoli Owned A Huge Net Worth

David Sassoli’s net worth was reported to be in the millions of dollars, if not more.

Not to forget that, he was a prolific politician with long years of working as a newsreader.