Who Is Vincent Pinkney? Columbia Student Stabbing Suspect, Davide Giri Murder

Who Is Vincent Pinkney? Columbia Student Stabbing Suspect, Davide Giri Murder

Vincent Pinkney is a Columbia student stabbing suspect. Continue reading to find out what happened near Morningside Park.

Pinkney is a gang member who has been taken into custody. Reportedly, he was out on parole with 16 prior arrests.

Well, the incident happened on December 2, 2021. Currently, the case is under investigation and further updates are incoming.

Who Is Vincent Pinkney? Columbia Student Stabbing Suspect Revealed

Vincent Pinkney is the reported suspect who stabbed a student. Reportedly, the 30-years-old pupil hailed from Columbia University.

According to CBS Local, the victim was Davide Giri. Reportedly, Vincent stabbed her to death in New York.

We can confirm that the attacker wounded another personality who was an Italian tourist. Fortunately, he survived the incident.

The authorities captured Pinkney near Central Park. At that time, he was threatening a third person.

As of now, no charges have been confirmed yet. Indeed, this is a developing story and we will provide you an update very soon.

Moreover, we can confirm that Vincent is 25 years old. Right now, we are unsure why he attacked multiple people without any reason.

Reportedly, Davide was returning home from his football practice. Well, he was attending Columbia University trying to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Well, he had an excellent resume with amazing awards and scholarships. Moreover, he had also worked as a teaching assistant in the past.

Indeed, his demise has left his loved ones stunned. We request netizens to provide privacy to Vincent’s friends and family.

What is Vincent Pinkney Religion?

Vincent Pinkney’s religion is unavailable in 2021. He is yet to speak on his fate.

According to statistics, Christianity is considered to be the most followed religion. So, we predict that he might be Christian.

Moving on, there’s nothing to know about his family background. Moreover, we are unsure about his parents, siblings, and friends.

Well, we are clueless if Pinkney’s household is involved in any criminal activities. As far as we know, Vincent is the only one who gets in trouble most of the time.

Get To Know Vincent Ethnicity Here

We have no idea about Vincent Pinkney’s ethnicity. But, we can confirm that he is of American nationality.

Well, we are unsure about the origin of his name. Most probably, he was named by one of his family members.

Hopefully, Vincent’s police reports will reveal all his details. Hopefully, the court will take necessary actions against the murderer.