Did Usher and Jason Derulo Ever Had A Beef? Fight Video Is Viral On Twitter

Did Usher and Jason Derulo Ever Had A Beef? Fight Video Is Viral On Twitter

People have been speculating if Usher and Jason Derulo ever had beef or fight after the latter was filmed in a fight with two men calling his Usher. Find more about the incident.

Usher is a 43 years old famous singer, songwriter and composer having bagged multiple awards and released multiple hits and chartbusters.

The charming singer has also featured in Voice-USA singing reality show and is known for bringing out the sheer best in the auditioning contestants.

Jason Derulo on the other hand is also a 32 years old singer and songwriter having active off-screen works and performances concerts.

He recently beat up two drunk fans after they called him Usher in the Las Vegas region.

Did Usher and Jason Derulo Ever Have A Beef? 

Usher and Jason Derulo had never had any major dispute or controversial fight for fans to argue on.

The singing duo focused on their own individual routes have been surmised by many Twitter fans after singer Jason Derulo was filmed outside a Las Vegas club fighting two men.

One of them reportedly called him ‘Usher’ and the reputed singer didn’t like being addressed by the name of another singer who carved not much similarity with him except for the genre or career.

What actually caused him to act so harshly and overthrow the two men in a heated confrontation has not been divulged but the reason may be either personal rage or the rash behavior of the fan.

Maybe the singer didn’t like being called by another separate artist’s name or maybe he just found it offensive for people to carve the forced similarity and tally them just by the appearance or maybe just the color.

The actual reason has not been passed and no official accord of Jason’s beef with singer Usher has been noted as of yet.

Usher and Jason Derulo’s Viral Fight Video On Twitter

The Twitter video that went viral was not actually the fight between two singers viz. Usher and Derulo.

It was actually Jason thrashing two men, one of whom called his Usher for no reason, maybe just mere confusion.

He replied the f-word against one of them and hit him while the other came to rescue.

The infuriated singer then attacked the other guy as well.

Usher and Jason Derulo are not related except for their singing career.

The confusion in the two men may have arrived due to virtual similarity they tallied among the two’s faces, attire, or could be anything, after all, it’s just perspective of vision.