Who is University of Delaware Brandon Freyre? Assault – Was He Arrested

Who is University of Delaware Brandon Freyre? Assault – Was He Arrested

University of Delaware student Brandon Freyre has been arrested for physical violence against a woman. Here’s more to know about the incident. 

Few students of the University of Delaware have engaged in protests against the campus authorities for increasing violence against women. They have rallied in and around the campus premises urging people to join them. 

All this heat came after the arrest of Brandon Freyre, of course. The 20-year-old was arrested for kidnapping and assault a woman, and strangling her to unconsciousness. He is currently in Police custody after having failed to pay the bail amount. 

Who is Brandon Freyre University of Delaware?

Brandon Freyre is a sophomore student at the University of Delaware. 

Residing in Arnold, he was arrested by the Newark police on October 12, 2021. The 21-year-old was taken into custody without incident and he will remain there after having failed to pay the bail amount of $38,100 in cash. 

As per the police, Freyre reportedly kidnapped a woman on October 8 and kept her inside his apartment for 4 days. During this period of time, he physically abused and beat her. 

According to the victim herself, Brandon Freyre strangled her to unconsciousness. And later, he threw her down the stairs and she was able to get away and contact help. 

The UD authorities have suspended Brandon Freyre at the moment. 

Brandon Freyre Assault Charges: Is He On Jail?

Brandon Freyre is currently in jail facing several counts of kidnapping and assault. 

The 20-year-old is charged with second-degree kidnapping and second-degree assault. Moreover, the further charges include strangulation, third-degree assault, terroristic threatening, and criminal mischief. 

His arrest has heated the environment in and around the campus as well. The students have rallied in protests, urging the university to initiate steps to decrease violence against women. 

Brandon Freyre Wikipedia And Instagram

Brandon Freyre doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography, of course. 

Also, the UD student might have deleted his Instagram profile. He is nowhere to be found on social media at the moment. 

However, a lot of students of the university have uploaded videos describing the incident on TikTok. Also, a video of students protesting around the campus premises is circulating on the internet. 

The University of Delaware recently tweeted a statement about their new “Helpline.”