Is Unicosobreviviente TikTok Fake? Javier Time Traveler 2027 Debunked, Who Is He?

Is Unicosobreviviente TikTok Fake? Javier Time Traveler 2027 Debunked, Who Is He?

Is Unicosobreviviente TikTok Fake? Here s more on the man who claims to be the last person on Earth.

People will do anything to be famous, literally anything. A new and trending topic has been covered on the man who says he is a time traveler and the lone survivor on Earth.

The account also goes by the name @unicosobreviviente, run by Javier, a Spanish man.

Is Unicosobreviviente TikTok Fake? 

Unicosobreviviente TikTok might be fake as Tik Tokers do anything to be famous nowadays. His claims are false as he claims to be the lone survivor of the Earth.

The Tik Tok time traveler goes by the name Javier who is a Spanish man. There are no details about the mysterious man’s whereabouts and information on the account. 

His post’s theme is displayed as a lonely and sorrowful place with horrifying eerie theme songs. 


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♬ Suspense – Ultimate Horror Experience

Unicosobreviviente has shared a video with his 2.6 million followers to prove his claims about being the last person on Earth.

Watch a clip of a lifeless secret passageway in Barcelona above, and please express your opinion.

Honestly, what a hoax, but please stay tuned to know more of his rambling nonsense.

Javier Time Traveler 2027 Debunked

Javier has gone quite popular with his fanatics with the time-traveling story.

A few months ago, the Tiktok user Unico Sobrevivente which translates to The Lone Survivor, shows a ghost town empty of people and animals.

Javier goes into McDonald’s lush, a cloud star, a supermarket, a school, a Museum, even a Mercedes store where he takes a car.

He claimed that he woke up in a hospital and didn’t know what could have happened. He doesn’t believe he time traveled exactly but somehow ended up in an alternate reality where he is the last person in the world.


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♬ sonido original – Javier

He uploaded his first video on the 13th February 2021, with all the electronic devices saying it was 2027. 

But an expert in CGI can create these imagery and video clips. Consider Superman or Wonder woman, and they are not real. The CGI team crafted them to look like their stunts were real.

Javier claims that he has Time Traveler to 2027 has debunked.

Who Is Javier?

As per Javier’s claim, he is a time traveler.

It has been believed, however, that he is a CGI specialist. Besides, that all of this is a fraud perpetrated by an animation professional.

Some suggested that he might be a security guard. Well, then he might be a damn good security guard with an intellectual level on the rise. 

Another suggestion is that he is a police officer. The level of thinking of people is just astounding.