What Happened To Troy Pickard? Death Cause – Joondalup Mayor Bucking Bull Story

What Happened To Troy Pickard? Death Cause – Joondalup Mayor Bucking Bull Story

Troy Pickard, former mayor of Joondalup, has reportedly died. 

What Happened To Troy Pickard?

Troy Pickard has passed away. He was the former mayor of Joondalup and the owner of the Bucking Bull food chain which he sold in 2019. 

His LinkedIn Profile explains him as a devoted and dynamic leader, a polite and collaborative worker, a strategic thinker, and a top performer who strives for perfection in everything he does.

Moreover, he claims to have extensive experience in leadership, management, and corporate affairs, as well as strategic planning, communications, marketing, and branding.

Nevertheless, his rich experience makes him an expert in Telerobotic Operations, Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, creating and executing procedures and digitally integrating processes and systems (RPAS).

Talking about his experience, he was the general manager of Global Drone Solutions, sales manager at Metso Minerals( Asia Pacific). He was also a national marketing manager of Ron Mack Machinery. 

Moreover, he also became a fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute. He was also awarded the title of a Business News 40 under 40 award. 

Troy Pickard Death Cause Is Yet To Be Reported

Several news sources reported Troy Pickard’s death news but did not mention any cause. Unfortunately, further updates about his death news are not available on the web yet. 

Nevertheless, tributes flood in, and people send prayers for his family. His contribution to the city of Joondalup will be appreciated forever. 

Interestingly, the former mayor was once going to court and stood in the trial after throwing a coffee on his former neighbor, Mark Wild. Even at that time, he pleaded not guilty and argued that it was normal for him to react that way as Wild sprayed him with his pressure hose. 

At that time, there were some gossip and rumors about his company that the media asked him to address. However, he said that it was his personal matter and denied commenting, wrote Perth Now. 

Former Joondalup Mayor, Troy Pickard, Bucking Bull Story

Troy Pickard, the former mayor of Joondalup, was also the founder of Bucking Bull. Bucking Bull is a fast-food chain in Australia that Troy founded. However, he sold the company in 2019 after running it for three years. 

The information regarding him selling out his company is not released in the media yet. Thus, we cannot confirm anything regarding this matter.