Who Is Tony Pollard Wife or Girlfriend? Cowboys Running Back Family Life and More

Who Is Tony Pollard Wife or Girlfriend? Cowboys Running Back Family Life and More

Tony Pollard does not have a wife, but netizens speculate that he is dating girlfriend Kania Taylor. 

Tony Pollard’s performance this season is being evaluated by several media and fans. The Cowboy’s run game was asleep in the third quarter on Thursday. 

However, Pollard woke it up after breaking free for a 58-yard touchdown run when the team was leading 13-10 with just over four minutes remaining in the period. 

Who Is Tony Pollard, Wife or Girlfriend?

Several media outlets claimed that Tony Pollard did not have a wife, but he had a girlfriend named Kania Tylor. According to some sources, they were seen together, often celebrating and going on a vacation through the social media posts made on their IG profile.

However, there are no such photos that prove that they two are in any relationship. Thus, we cannot confirm if the news is accurate or not. And if it is, it may be possible that they are not together anymore. 

Nevertheless, she is a graduate of the University of Memphis. She completed BBA in finance and Masters’s from the university. 

She interned at FISC Trading lab in 2020. Currently, she is a full-time general manager at In Love Memphis. According to her LinkedIn profile, she was also a former athlete and loved to spend her free time in the gym. 

Interestingly, the footballer has accepted a scholarship from the University of Memphis after graduating from high school. But, it does not prove his relationship with Kenya since no evidence suggests they were dating each other.

Parents Of Tony Pollard Are Proud Of Him

Tony Pollard’s parents are Terrance Pollard and Torrie Pollard. He was born on 30 April 1997 and was raised by his parents. 

His family owns a restaurant named ‘Pollard’s BBQ,’ rated one of the Top Ten Best BBQ Restaurant By Travel Channel.

In an interview with the athlete’s family, his mom and dad shared that when their son caught the attention of the NFL scouts in 2017, he went home to share his intention of entering the draft, they discouraged the idea. 

They suggested he stay in the school, get the degree, and graduate. And, he did what they asked of him like a good boy. Then, later in 2019, he declared for the 2019 NFL draft. 

Tony Pollard Has a Tattoo On His Arm- What Is Its Meaning?

Tony Pollard carried the Black history on his left arm through his tattoos. There is a portrayal of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. 

He says that it means a lot to him, and it is something that one can never forget.