Cygnett: Tim Swann Death By Motorbike Accident- Obituary and Partner

Cygnett: Tim Swann Death By Motorbike Accident- Obituary and Partner

Cygnett founder Tim Swann’s death by a weekend motorbike accident has caused grave sadness for the tech industry. Explore more about the tragic event.

Tim Swann was the founder and owner of Cygnett, which happens to be a reputed Melbourne-based tech company.

His death has not just severed parochial or provincial effects; it brings a moment of grief throughout the world as the Cygnett products favored every place.

Tim was passionate about fast-paced sports, especially his keen interest in fast bikes and trail bikes led him to amuse himself with them in every possible vacation.

Cygnett: Tim Swann’s Death By Motorbike Accident

Cygnett owner Tim Swann was reported dead on November 25, 2021, following a trail bike accident that took his life.

The Australian tech genius was a bonafide rider and interested in fast sports and race tracks.

Time Swann has been managing his company Cygnett, which sells tech goods to the whole world.

The talented product manager cum CEO has been a cherished personality in his workplace and among his family and relative.

His death from his so-loved motorbike action has shocked the whole industry at the suddenness of the mishap.

His designated post as the company’s Chairperson and a leading shareholder of significant shares of the company’s billion market cap has rightfully posted him as the adequate and robust leader of the tech world.

He was based in Greater Melbourne Area and had a brilliantly carved. Flaunting CV of working in the telecommunication sector for two long decades.

He was a skilled SEO expert, market analyst, product manager, quality assurance leader, Budgeting and Networking leader, and a successful business planner.

His esteemed works with the company’s advertising policy and liquidity transactions had led him to gather valuable experiences and earn his right worth among his beneficiaries.

Tim Swann’s Obituary Death Report 

Tim Swann’s Obituary death report had indicated his death from a fatal motorcycle accident when he was trying out his speedy trail bike.

He was a passionate rider and would always ride alone whenever free and off the digital world.

The accident caused severe pain to the Cygnett family, where his absence will truly be missed as the company was erected on his leadership and skills.

However, the Obituary report hasn’t revealed anything about the institute assigned with his last ritual, funeral, and committal services.

The details will be updated post the funeral home designated tribute sessions and after the mourning session from the grieving family.

Who Is Tim Swann’s Partner Kimberly Swann? Is He Married?

Tim Swann was a married man, and he tied his marriage knot with his wonderful wife, Kimberly Swann.

The couple was blessed with two loving sons who had already started picking up their father’s business traits.

Tim’s father, David Swann, and his mother, Jenny Swann, also attained the family.

Tim’s sisters Sophie and Amie Newling Ward are also a part of the accomplished family relocated to the Melbourne urbs.