Tiktok: Mccall Deason Racist Tweets, Find Her On Instagram and Twitter

Tiktok: Mccall Deason Racist Tweets, Find Her On Instagram and Twitter

TikTok Mccall Deason tweeted those were considered racist by her fans. Let’s check out what she did that her fans started calling her tweets biased.

The famous Tiktok star, Mccall Deason is well-known for her videos on the TikTok account posted highlighting her daughter named Hazel. Hazel is a unique child.

Many followers are following her along with Hazel’s update. She posts her daily life in her videos and successfully earned many fans over her social media platform.

Tiktok: Mccall Deason Racist Tweets Made Bad Impression

Last month during October Reddit was full of comments on Mccall Deason’s racial post over the eye color of the child. Her fans even call it her pride being in danger.

Her fans were not liking how she had been talking about the eye color of her child. They said when CAs eyes got browner and browner, she doubled down.

She even edited her video by adding filters. On Instagram also, they claimed that she edited CAs eyes. For this, as per them, she might be using premier tools on photo edits.

The TikTok star even kept Hazel away from teh camera when CAs eyes are in the shot. Other groups think editing needed multi manpower, and she went that extra mile. 

For she just wanted to prove herself right and her fans wrong. They involved Jermaine Hood also for supporting her that he let Deason go around and alter his child’s eye color.

They think it was because her internalized racism factor was there. He was criticized for this with words like spineless or complicit.

Find Mccall Deason On Instagram and Twitter

She is also active on her Instagram page that has 88.1K followers and 730 posts. You can follow her on Instagram, having the username @mccalldeason. She is not on Twitter.

Besides, she is also active on Facebook so, you can click here to have a look at her page. She has posted that she is engaged with Jermaine Hood, the father of their two kids. 

She describes herself as the sweetest girl who loves basketball and football. Indeed she is, that we have to accept as it is proved by the number of fans she has. 

Learn Mccall Deason Apology On Kyte Baby Drama 

Kyte BABY is dedicated to the safety, comfort, and security of the kids that’s what the brand says. But lately, Deason had issues with her purchased good with them.

She has posted a video with an apology to Kyte Baby regarding the sleep sack that she wanted for her baby. However, others are confused about her promoting the brand.

Even they are questioning the brand saying, “Seems like a huge liability to have someone promoting using your product in a way that could harm a baby.”