Talking To The Moon Tiktok Remix: Lyrics and Song Meaning Explained

Talking To The Moon Tiktok Remix: Lyrics and Song Meaning Explained

Talking to the Moon TikTok remix is getting viral over the users, and here is why. 

People over TikTok are following this new trend using the beautiful melody song of Bruno Mars. With a bit of remix to the original, TikToker has been obsessed with this trend.

In present days, people have got addicted to TikTok and its trend. Thus, following the new thing has not been a lot of a surprise to the users. 

Regardless, the new remix has taken over TikTok for some time now, and the users have still not gotten over it. 

Talking To The Moon Tiktok Remix 

Talking to the Moon is originally the song by Bruno Mars. The music has dominated TikTok with its new drill remix by Jnr Choi.

The song was released almost 12 years back by Bruno Mars in 2010. It has been a hit then, and even at present, the song has managed to captivate the people. 

After all the years, the song has again gained attention after a new remix hit on TikTok. People have loved the remix version of the originals Talking to the Moon.

Thus, making it a trend, the TikTokers used the lyrics for their content video on TikTok. 

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Check Out Talking To The Moon Lyrics 

Talking to the Moon trend has been divided into two parts. The first part of the trend is when the TikTokers used the slowed version of the lyrics to make their videos.

In this trend, only the following parts of the lyrics got used:-

“I sit by myself talking to the Moon…  
TRYING to get to you
In hopes, you’re on the other side talking to me too
Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the Moon?”

However, some users have also cropped the song and only used the front lines. 

Besides, the other version of the remix only used the part of the lyrics as follows:-

 “I know you’re somewhere out there… 
somewhere far away
I Want You Back 
I Want…”

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Talking To The Moon Song Meaning Explained

The new remix of the 2010 original Talking to the Moon has taken over TikTok. People have found its new version stunning and have even done different reaction videos. 

Loving this new remix, some users have wondered about the meaning behind the song. The song belongs to the prominent singer Bruno Mars. 

Talking to the Moon is for every listener who has got their especial person and is not with them for the moment. The song lyrics passed the sad yet thrilling vibes of the loved ones.