Who Is SunhatKid? Danny Duncan Abuse Charges, Everything About The Incident

Who Is SunhatKid? Danny Duncan Abuse Charges, Everything About The Incident

SunhatKid is a famous Youtuber and content creator, formerly associated with the Duncan crew. Find more about his brawl with Danny and much more.

SunhatKid has recently opened up about his traumatic experiences with fellow Youtuber Danny Duncan in an emotional video he posted online.

Danny Duncan has not yet referred directly to the claim and has chosen to remain silent over the issue.

SunhatKid aka Aaron Hall has been a much-cherished character in the Youtube platform with a plethora of skateboarding content.

The 26 years old Scorpio lad took home some massive sum of money, alone from the contents he posted and the videos liked heavily by the audience.

Who Is SunhatKid? Learn More About The Danny Duncan Video

SunhatKid is a reputed Youtuber known for his jocular approach to skateboarding tricks, pranks call arranged by Danny Duncan, and insightful content that he posts online.

SunhatKid’s official Youtube channel by the name of ‘Sunhatkid’ garnishes 333k subscribers.

He joined the platform back on September 12, 2016, and since then his channel has grown massively and consistently, bringing in a net total of 15 million views.

His real name is Aaron Hall, and by the first name of Aaron, his channel happens to be the second popular channel in the Youtube community.

Aaron was born on October 28, 1995, in America and he is currently 26 years of age.

His brother Shawn has also been a top-notch Youtuber and he has worked in collaboration with his sibling to bring something new and add a better layer to the original contents.

SunhatKid recently posted a video on his authentic Youtube channel on December 1, 2021, titled ‘The Truth About Danny Duncan’.

In just a single day, that video has surmised 535k views and shattered the well-maintained initial image of fellow Youtuber Danny Duncan.

Indicted Abuse Charges Against Danny Duncan

SunhatKid aka Aaron Hall has accused his Youtuber mate Danny Duncan on December 1, 2021.

A video where he talked about the abusive behavior shown by Duncan towards him has gathered the attention of thousands of followers into the core of the matter.

Fans were initially worried about Aaron’s long absence from Danny’s Youtube clips, where he would often get featured.

It was stated by SunhatKid himself that he was in fact physically hurt and verbally berated by Danny on multiple occasions.

In a fake wrestling match they did for fun, Danny attacked Aaron’s head and caused a big lump.

Similarly, Danny has been blamed for threatening Aaron with a sharp knife pressed against his throat.

Danny also asked for 20% of total revenue from SunhatKid’s Youtube earnings.

A Wider Perspective At SunhatKid’s Real Age and Disability

SunhatKid is 26 years old as of 2021 and a rumor of him being Autistic has been ever propelling.

This was indeed answered by the creator himself in a Youtube Q/A session he had regarding fan queries.

SunhatKid also remarked on how Danny forced him to sign a 10 year-long contract and not collaborate with any other famous content creators.