Who Is Summer Walker New Boyfriend Larry? Tattoos and Baby Daddy Revealed

Who Is Summer Walker New Boyfriend Larry? Tattoos and Baby Daddy Revealed

Summer Walker has a new boyfriend named Larry, who is also an artist. Learn more about him here. 

Summer Walker is an American singer and songwriter. Recently, she shared a picture of the new Larry tattoo that is circulating on the internet. Her fans are curious to know who is the man beside her. 

Who Is Summer Walker New Boyfriend Larry?

Summer Walker’s new boyfriend Larry is an artist and a stylist, according to his Twitter profile. Their relationship was announced in August 2021. 

The singer was previously in a relationship with London On Da Track. Their relationship was full of turmoil and controversies. They began their relationship in 2019 and called it off in 2021. 

The singer also has a daughter from her previous relationship. After separating from her previous lover, she revealed about dating the new guy Larry who is also named @lvrdpharoh on social media handles. 

According to Hip-Hop Vibe, her new partner may be someone new in media. But, sources suggested that the two were previously in a relationship before Summer rose to fame. 

And, it seems they have once again rekindled their romance. Some time ago, when they confirmed their relationship to the public, Larry was seen giving her a romantic night. 

Summer Walker Larry Face Tattoo Going Viral

Summer Walker’s new face tattoo of Larry is going viral on the internet. She recently shared a photo of her new tattoo. 

the artist was seen with her boyfriend. Both of them have tattooed their faces with each other’s names. Fans are emotional seeing their love for each other. 

Many people even said that the guy is definitely in love with the singer and will give her the real family that she had always wished for. In the past, she had shared that she wanted to marry the man after she gave birth to her child. 

Summer Walker Baby Daddy Revealed

Summer Walker’s baby daddy is London On Da Track aka London Tyler Holmes. However, he is already separated from her. 

Their daughter is now in her mother’s care. Walker also announced that Larry is the stepfather of her daughter. She also once talked about how her child’s father threatened her to keep her away from Larry once. 

Her ex responded saying that he did not do anything that she was talking about. He also mentioned that he has a new woman who would not fall in her lies.