What Is Steve Davis Illness? Health Update, Is He Still Married To His Wife?

What Is Steve Davis Illness? Health Update, Is He Still Married To His Wife?

Steve Davis illness has brought concerns over his fanbase. Here’s his health update in 2021.

Snooker champion Steve has already retired as a professional. Nevertheless, he continues to play in exhibitions.

After retirement, Davis is recognized as a commentator and pundit. Reportedly, he has won six world titles, six UK Championships, and 15 Triple Crown titles.

What Is Steve Davis Illness? Health Update 2021

Steve Davis hasn’t provided any update about his illness. Most probably, his health is fine as of 2021.

However, netizens have been curious to find out what happened to him. Hopefully, there’s nothing serious and everything on the internet is just a hoax.

But, if you are one of his fans, you must know that he had announced his retirement after the death of his father, Bill Davis. According to Euro Sport, his dad passed away after a short illness.

Reportedly, Bill was a keen snooker player. Interestingly, he was the one who introduced Steve to the game.

Undoubtedly, his father has always been the most influential person in his life. Well, it was quite difficult for him to digest the news of his dad’s demise.

Moving on, Celebsaga learned about another personality sharing the same name. Reportedly, he is a staff at Bright Sea Print Group.

In March 2015, Steve almost lost his life after he collapsed while moving from Kingsbridge to Tiverton. Fortunately, he survived and thanked the two passers-by who saved his life.

Well, netizens might have been confused after hearing the news. To make it clear, we can confirm that the two people are completely different.

Is Steve Davis Still Married To His Wife?

No, Steve Davis is no more married to his wife, Judith Davis. Multiple reports claim that he is single.

Reportedly, the pair had tied the knot in 1990. They decided to end their marriage after 15 years, in 2005.

Moving on, Steve and Judith have two children – both sons. Among them, Greg is 30 years old while Jack is 27.

Steve was proud when his kid, Greg participated in the Q-School. Reportedly, he had aimed to enter the professional snooker tour.

Get To Know Snooker Player Steve Age

Steve Davis is 64 years of age. Reportedly, he was born on August 22, 1957. 

Talking about his family, Steve was born to English parents. He is recognized as the son of Jean Davis and Bill Davis.

Moving on, he spent most of his childhood in Plumstead, London. According to Wikipedia, he was just 12 years old when he started playing snooker.

When he turned 18, he toured the UK and appeared in challenge matches. Thanks to his talent, people nicknamed him Nugget.