How Old Is somecallmejohnny? Here’s Everything To Know About The YouTuber

How Old Is somecallmejohnny? Here’s Everything To Know About The YouTuber

The famous YouTuber somecallmejohnny is at the age of 34. Learn more on his Wikipedia and Real Name. 

SomecallmeJohnny is a content creator on YouTube who has been active since 2008. He is mostly famous for his gaming reviews, and people love the honest opinions he provides in his videos. 

Here is all the latest information about the famous Johnny from Youtube. Learn about his age, real name, parents, Wikipedia and find him on Instagram from this article. 

YouTuber SomecallmeJohnny Age- Who are his parents?

The Youtuber somecallmejohnny was born in the year 1987 and is currently 34 years old. He celebrates his birthday on July 27 every year and his birthdate suggests that his horoscope is Leo. 

He has not shared much about his parents on his social media platform. However, we know that YouTuber is originally from Puerto Rica while his family moved to the United States a long time back. 

The Youtuber is associated with his younger brother Elliot in running his youtube vlogs and reviews. They began together in 2008, starting the show named Super Gaming Bros, which was a popular comic review channel. 

In the early days of his career, he lived with his mother. He decided to move to his own residence in 2018 as part of work along with his other brother Mark who assists him as a cameraman for the channel and are living together.

SomecallmeJohnny Real Name Revealed- Wikipedia Update

SomecallmeJohnny from Super Gaming Brothers on youtube has revealed his real name to be Juan Ortiz. However, he prefers to be called Johnny and is well known by the name rather than his real identity. 

The Youtuber SomecallmeJohnny cannot be found on Wikipedia at this time. We are hopeful to see him on the platform soon because of his popularity over the years as a social media personality. 

His videos have crossed millions of views. He has done reviews for the best video games that include Sper Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Dragon Ball Z, and other famous games of all time. 

The details about his professional work have been explained from his profile in Wikitubia

YouTube Super Gaming Bros- SomecallmeJohnny Instagram 

The Youtuber SomecallmeJohnny is not found on the Instagram handle. His fans are hoping to see him on the platform soon. 

However, we can find him on his Twitter handle by the username @Somecallmejon. He updates all about his latest reviews from Twitter and provides a glimpse about his upcoming projects. 

SomecallmeJohnny Net Worth 2021 Explored

The Youtube star SomecallmeJohnny Net Worth as of 2021 is $148,000. He has a good earning from his channel and the amount is expected to rise in the coming years. 

He can also be seen on the Twitch platform and is an active streamer. He is able to make more than $2500 per month alone from his Youtube channel.